Adventures With the Littles: The Dynamic of Two

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Welcome to a little series about our littles!  They’re taking front and center the next couple of weeks.

The Bigs are off at Summer camp, and this house is… different.

They look so sad to be at camp, right?  But now check out Chase’s face…

So yeah, this house is different.  Not different in a bad way, just different in a…  well, different way.  You see, when I’m with just Aaron, or Aaron & Aidan together, there’s almost a feeling of nostalgia.  After all, there was one point in my life where I was only Aaron’s mother, and another where I’d only had the Bigs.  But this? There’s never been a point in my life where I’ve only been the mother to my two youngest, so there’s something “off” about when they’re the only ones underfoot.

We started right after we dropped the Bigs off, with ice cream and a little train ride.  When I say LITTLE, I mean cramming my 5’6″ frame into a tiny barrel with Brody on my lap.  Feet?  Numb.  Ankles?  Numb.  Hey, it made him happy, right?

While I miss Aaron and Aidan, and I wonder what shenanigans they’re cooking up at camp, I have to admit that I’m enjoying this time with the Littles.  I love seeing who they are when they’re not trying to annoy their big brothers into submission.

The dynamic in this house is so very different.

Now everyone knows that Chase is… challenging.  He can take me from THIS:


In the amount of time it takes for him to shriek.  Seriously.  There’s something special about a kid who makes you lose your ever-loving mind when he bellows out a certain pitch.

But for this week, there have been no Bigs, just my Littles, and Chase is, well… easy.  He’s happy.

The dynamic between Brody and Chase has always been different.  They’ve been the “littles” since they were born 17 months apart.  Usually there’s this spirit of competition between our Bigs and Littles, just the normal battles of who’s old enough to walk across the street without holding a hand, or stay up an hour later.  It always seems the Bigs get the better end of this deal, seeing as they’re, you know… older.  The Littles are perpetually told, “You’re not old enough yet.”  Sibling rivalry at its finest ensues.

So while the Bigs have been away at camp for these days, I promised myself that the Littles would have a great time.  I didn’t want jealous screams to erupt when the Bigs came home talking about zip-lining, bonfires and summer camp.  This hermit-happy mama made a plan and carried it out, which I’m pretty proud of myself for.  There are so many Little-fun things to do, but we overlook them because the Bigs might think they’re too big.  So this was the perfect opportunity to embrace the 4 and 5 year-old fun.

All I had to do was get over my silly need to experience everything with Jason.  Let’s face it.  If I wait for Jason to do everything here, well…  we’d never leave the house.

On this, our first little adventure?  We chose Old MacDonald’s Farm in Sacket’s Harbor.  Why?  Because I knew the Littles would love it, I had a friend who wanted to go with, and I happen to think cows are pretty!  (Yes, I’m odd with this, I know…)  And I’ve been wanting to get them out there FOREVER.

So we braved the uncharacteristically hot 90 degree Upstate NY weather, and sweated it out!

Chase was not such a fan of the smell during the dairy tour.  😉

So besides old-fashioned fun, what’s the point of all this?  To give them more attention.

It hasn’t been easy these last almost three months.  They’re constantly poking at one another, always pushing for more attention.  With one of me and four of them, it’s hard to make sure everyone is getting every bit that they need.  So this is one of the ways I’m giving it to them. With the Bigs away, the Littles and I are spending time together, so I can give them a better ratio of mom-to-kiddo care.

Other than the smells, I’d say this day was a victory.  They’d better rest up, there’s more to come!

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