And then… I slept

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Yeah, so it’s 8:03 A.M., and I’m writing to you from my kitchen, as my kids scurry through the house, getting ready for their last day of school, and I have chocolate chip cookies baking for their teachers.

So this is kinda day 7 of the 19 day blogging spree for Top Military Mom, but really it’s day 8.

Why am I about 8 hours late for posting?

Because I fell asleep.

I guess it was really a matter of time.  Running on 4 hours consistently meant I was foggy, slow and flat-out exhausted.  Sigh.

So last night Jason’s schedule shifted enough that I could talk to him for an hour. An hour!  Do you know what an hour means during a deployment?  It means we can not just talk about the big events of the day, but we get to chat about the mundane, joke about the house we want to build when we get home to Colorado, plan a vacation.

Mundane is awesome.

I also got to share my awesome news with him:  Jamie, my awesome agent, told me that another major publisher requested a full of Aeolian!!!  (That’s my first novel, for those of you just joining us.)

Yesterday rocked.

So Jason gets off skype, and I start to work, ignoring that my eyes are crossing in exhaustion…

and then I wake up about 20 minutes later, the computer in”sleep” mode on my lap.


So message sent, no blog typed up, no critique work done, house not picked up, and cookies had to wait until this morning.

Last night, I scored 7 1/2 hours of sleep.


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