12 Days of New Adult Giveaway

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New Adult. I love it. I adore it. I write it. I love it because it’s the age where we branch out and find who we really are, and not who our families think they’ve raised us to be. It’s where we make huge, stupid, foolish mistakes that sometimes hurt other people, and almost always hurt ourselves. It’s where we … Read More

The Unthinkable.

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Jason and I have been separated a ton during our marriage. We’ve been through trainings, TDY’s, trips to gunnery, NTC, JRTC, courses, and four deployments.  Never in a million years did I ever think we’d volunteer to live separately during his dwell time. But that’s what’s coming at us in less than a week. It looks like we’re going to … Read More

And this year… I’ll be better. Right?

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School is almost in session. Right? Seriously, when we took the boys school supply shopping yesterday, This was what ran through my head: It’s almost as great as Christmas, except the gift I’m getting is TIME. It also seems like this last week, which is the last of this summer, the boys are a wee bit insane. Okay, more like … Read More

Pucking Mess of a PCS: (Vol. 2) The Binder.

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Ah, yes, welcome back to our messy little PCS. Okay, so when I approach a PCS, that first initial look is kind of like…. well…. Yeah, it’s a whole heaping mess of “honey, here’s our orders, and our transport dates… did you pick up the kids records?” Um… Yeah, hold on… somewhere.  THIS is my somewhere. With everything swirling around … Read More

Pucking Mess of a PCS: (Vol. 1) Orders.

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Man, how I have missed this blog. Seriously. I love having my dream job, and writing books, but for the last couple of months, I’ve had to learn to do things differently, since I was writing under a deadline… which pretty much looks like this: So I crawl out of the Drafting / Revising Cave, and I get a spontaneous … Read More

Rebecca Yarros – Pitch Wars Mentor

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Why hello there! I’m Rebecca Yarros, and I’m accepting Young Adult and New Adult submissions for the most awesome agent-seeking competition there is… PITCH WARS!!! So who am I? Yeah, that’s me professionally. Personally? Take a peek around this blog, you’ll get a good idea. I’m an author (betcha figured that out already, eh?) and I write what? Young Adult … Read More

Wait, say WHAAAAT?!

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Okay, so this is kind of how I’ve been feeling the last few days!!!!   Now that FULL MEASURES has been out a wee bit, I keep hearing the same thing: “what can we expect next?” I have to tell you, every time I get this question, I squeal a little bit, because that means you want to read more!!! … Read More

I freaking hate summer.

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First off, welcome to the month where I go nuts trying to blog every day in hopes you guys will click the link above, or THIS one and “heart” me for The Only Girl Among Boys.  Pretty please? Sigh. Man, I know I should never commit to a blog every day without being supplied with copious amounts of wine and … Read More

The Dirty “P” word: A.K.A. How we schooled our kid.

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Okay, so this actually occurred 3 weeks ago, since I spent the last week in writers conferences between Nashville and Las Vegas…  😉 Sigh. Does life ever really slow down when you’re raising kids? Let alone 5 of them? Yeah, I’m starting to think not.  It seems like less and less domestic perfection, and more… well… managed chaos?  Yeah, we’ll … Read More

Staring down the clock.

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It’s funny how something you’ve prayed so fervently for can come at the most inopportune time. After eight years of missing my mountains, my city, my friends and my FAMILY, we’re finally headed home to Fort Carson, in my beloved Colorado Springs. Now if the timeline wasn’t just insane. We’ve known it was happening for about a year, well, known … Read More