The Pre-Deployment Diaries

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Deployment. Ug. Here we go again. It’s 6 months off, which right now may feel like a lifetime, but I know it will fly by. Before we know it, he’ll be gone again. It doesn’t help that we’re headed to the 10th Mountain, which has the record of the most deployments since OEF and OIF began. I know that we’re … Read More

Check, baby, CHECK!

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The day has come. We started this road 2 years ago, well, longer than that if you count what he went through to get here. Tests, eye surgery, stressing over the W.O. board, it all led to the craziness known as flight school. He made it through primary, and selected his dream helicopter, the AH-64, Apache Longbow Attack Helicopter. He’s … Read More

The Joys of PCS’ing

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Joy? What Joy? Oh, I am sooooo not one for transition. Just tell me where we’re going, and then take me there next week. I hate all this “in-the-middle” crap. You military wives know what I’m talking about. The whole, “we’re leaving soon, but not so soon that I can be rude to people” phase. You’ve mentally checked out of … Read More

7 Years!

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7 years ago, we brought Aaron home from the hospital. It’s so trite, but the time has flown by in the blink of an eye. I remember bringing this tiny baby home earlier than we’d expected, just excited that Jason had managed to get diapers and put the swing together while we were in the hospital. He left for Iraq … Read More

Thank you, Mr. Bigot.

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This may be a wee bit long, but it’s sooo worth the read. It took me a while to write this because I didn’t want my immediate anger to come flying off the page…. ah, screen. So we are PCS’ing or moving for all you non-military type folks. Our new duty station is none other than exotic Fort Drum. Sorry, … Read More

The saga of the missing organ

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Ah yes, everyone loves a lortab fueled update from the Yarros household. 🙂 So for the past few weeks, I had been having pains directly beneath my rib cage. I really thought it was heartburn or some other indigestion. I guess I figured that my post-Brody weight gain had caught up to me and my body was telling me it … Read More

The Thing about Siblings

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I remember as a child, hearing a comedy routine by Bill Cosby where he said that you weren’t a real parent until you had more than one child. Oh, but I understand now. With only one child, you have all your love, time, devotion wrapped up in their little body. But when you have two (or four), you are split … Read More

Boys Rule

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Yes, I am the mother of four little boys, and the wife to another. I live my life surrounded by men, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This doesn’t mean I know nothing about girls. In fact, it is quite the opposite. For most of my life, in my house it was only my sister, my mother, my … Read More