The not-so-bratty side

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April, while it draws to a close, is the month of the Military Child. I’ve started this post so many times, trying to figure out what to say on the subject. I’m not just the mother of military brats, I’m one myself, as were my parents before me. This life is all I’ve ever really known. My boys are military … Read More

On your First Birthday

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Dear Baby Girl, Right now you are asleep, in your pale pink little room that we worked so hard to ready for you, and tomorrow is your first birthday. You’ve been here with us for six months now, but it took less than a millisecond for us to fall in love with you. Maybe you’re wondering why this is here, … Read More

Word of the Year.

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Ah, it’s that time of year again… the birthday. No, it’s not yet, but it’s soon.  Soon like this weekend. Did I mention that we have 3 birthdays in 8 days in this house?  3.  But I digress…   One of my very closest friends told me a few years ago that she tries to pick a word for her birthday, … Read More

Mean people suck.

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Okay, peeps, this one took me a while, so forgive what’s about to ensue. Mean people suck.  Honestly, if you ask me my number 1 pet peeve, that’s it.  I can’t stand people who just can’t be nice. It’s pretty ironic then, that the biggest challenge this family has come across this year hasn’t been that deployment, but of bullying. … Read More

The End of Hockey Season. Kind of. It’s complicated.

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Anyone who reads this little ‘ol blog knows that our four sons play hockey.  This year, my oldest two started playing in the city’s house league, and well…  I’m not quite sure I knew what I was getting into. It turns out that Hockey is not your average sport. The boys had played football, which lasted about 3 1/2 months, … Read More

Playlist: ROAD TO SOMEWHERE and Giveaway

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Hiya peeps! Miss me? It’s been a wee bit hectic around here, but I’m settling down and so excited to bring you the playlist for my agent sisters, Kelley Lynn and Jenny S. Morris’s new novel ROAD TO SOMEWHERE!  I loved this book. It brought me right back to being sixteen, idolizing my gorgeous, confidant older sister, Kate. Ironically, growing … Read More

Full Measures Playlist

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Hiya peeps! Music is a HUGE part of the writing process for me.  I can’t really get into the groove unless I have a playlist jamming out.  It puts me in the zone, and brings me to the heart of whatever I’m working on. So for all of you who are attending the March Madness Embrace Bash, here’s the Full … Read More

Don’t call her that.

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Odd, because I had this really funny hockey post going for today, but for some odd reason, this just won’t get out of my head.  So here we go. When Jason and I went through foster training 2 1/2 years ago, they made a point to tell us, “we don’t call them foster children. They are children in foster care.” … Read More

Little Victories.

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It’s no secret that we’re fostering a fabulous, beautiful, cuddle-bug of a little girl, and as of today, she’s been with us five months. When they first brought our Little Miss to hockey practice, we didn’t know how long she would stay.  We were terrified of losing her that next week, but she stayed.  And stayed.  And stayed. We learned … Read More

Dear civilian wife: Really, we’re just like you.

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Dear Civilian wife, Well, I use that term loosely, since really, I’m a civilian too, just married to a military man.  The past couple weeks, since FULL MEASURES released, a phrase I’ve heard often has been “I could never be a military wife.” Let me tell you – yes, you could. Our way of life may be a little different … Read More