Boys of Summer: Strawberry Picking

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Ah yes, it’s day 9 of the 19 day blogging spree!!!  Almost to the half way!  This is my little plea, pretty please go vote for Top Military Mom, you can do it once a day! >>>>>>>>>>

Ah yes, it’s the first real day of summer.

Today, my “Boys of Summer” plan goes into effect.  It’s time to tackle the bucket list, keep them busy, and save my sanity.

Strawberry picking we go!

That’s right.
Check the first square off the list, these boys have gone to pick 17 lbs of strawberries.  What am I going to do with all those gorgeous berries?  Um…  Freeze them, make fruit leather, and dehydrate them…  Yeah, that’s all I got.  I’m going to have to resort to pinterest.
We don’t usually do things like this.  I’m such a control freak, and to have them running up and down the rows, out of my immediate reach, grabbing whatever berries they deemed red enough (aka half-green) to toss in their baskets, makes me cringe.  
Well, too bad for me.  They were off, running, shoving berries in their baskets left and right.  I picked a ton too, just to make sure we actually ended up with some that were ripe.  They had so much fun, and the joy they radiate when they’re happy?  Priceless.

The joy for me was knowing that we were doing it.  We were checking boxes off the list, and off to a great start for making this summer awesome.  We even had time at home to water fight, slip ‘n slide, and get Brody down for a nap. I call this success!
Aidan checked the box, and their bucket list went down by an item on the first real day of summer.  
Oh, but just so you don’t think it was all sunshine and rainbows today, I then watched Aaron ram Aidan’s F150 Powerwheel into the porch, and when I snapped not to do it… he turned quickly and rammed it into the house.  Seriously.  I cringe at thinking of teaching him to drive a real car.
Yeah.  Then, after I told Aaron his driver’s license had been revoked, I went to do some dishes.  Thank goodness the kitchen windows overlook the back yard, because Brody grabbed a hammer (apparently dad’s garage door was open), and took it to the back door.
Yup.  But you know what?  Kids are alive, chores got done, Daddy got pictures sent immediately to Viber, and the bucket list dropped.  All in all, I’d say we’re pretty rockin’ awesome today.  
 Tack one up for the Home team, peeps, we’re killin’ it over here.

4 Comments on “Boys of Summer: Strawberry Picking”

  1. Lindsey

    LOL I need to go strawberry picking…But here try this recipe. I've been wanting to try this.. Let us know how it goes, if you do!

  2. Jenn

    sounds like a fabulous summer day. Congrats on the bucket list check off. Good luck with the strawberries! yummo!

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