Check, baby, CHECK!

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The day has come. We started this road 2 years ago, well, longer than that if you count what he went through to get here. Tests, eye surgery, stressing over the W.O. board, it all led to the craziness known as flight school. He made it through primary, and selected his dream helicopter, the AH-64, Apache Longbow Attack Helicopter. He’s flipped through countless 5 & 9 books in bed. He made it through “the bag” and has learned to blow stuff out of the water. And today is the day. It’s Jason’s final checkride. Graduation may be 3 weeks away, but today is the final test. After today, he’s done. Finite. I’m hoping his stress level will slide. I’m hoping this will end his sleepless nights, and his sleep talking. Yes, baby, I know that “Less weight equals more lift,” as he’s prone to tell me in the middle of his dreams.

Rucker has been pretty amazing. We’ve made great friends here that have all gone through the same experiences we have. Now we’re watching as our friends are leaving, and we’re not far behind. I’ve gotten used to strangers calling me “sweetie,” and I have an extreme fondness for sweet tea. I haven’t exactly gone native. I still don’t understand the chicken biscuit in the morning thing, and I detest the red clay that seems to cling to my children’s clothes. But Rucker has been good to us. It’s brought us the Rucker crew, who I wouldn’t trade for anything, and it’s brought us Brody. Add that to the fact that my husband will now fly the most badass machine on the earth, and I’d say Rucker has been extremely good to us.
So fly well, baby. Today is the last checkride of flight school. Check, baby, Check.

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