Construction Day 1

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Ah yes, day 14 of the Top Military Mom blogging spree…  If you get a chance to vote, pretty please, do!  It’s going to be a squeaker of a finish!  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Do you know my favorite part of being a Military Mom?  The mom part.  😉  Some days, there is no writing, no critiquing, and not even blogging, because I’m head over heels in love with my kids, and busy with them.  Today was a day I spent with family, putting together the first half of a rather gigantic swing-set for my boys.  In the next day or so, you’ll be reading all about what a debacle getting this little swing-set was.  It was truly a nightmare, but thanks to good friends and awesome family, it’s going up!!!!

This is our “summer” present to our boys.  Okay, more like the “I’m so sorry your dad is deployed for a fourth time, please forgive us and accept this as our apology” present.  It’s been worrisome since the day we decided to buy it for them, but eventually everything fell into place.

I spent my day today with family, my uncle (well, Jason’s, but I claim him since he’s one of my favorite people on the planet), and my future brother-in-law, fiancee to Jason’s little sister.  They drove up from Scranton to put this monstrosity together… in the rain.  No, really.  We figured it would take 3 days, but after day one, we’re half-way there.  I can’t wait to show you what it will look like once it’s all together!

So for tonight, please accept my blog in pictures, because I’m exhausted, kind of sore, and happy with family in the house.  It’s really nice not the be the only adult here.  😉

I’m so excited to see the kids’ faces tomorrow as it comes together!!!  They were so confused, since they didn’t know anything about what they were doing.  The most priceless?  Hearing Chase freak that they were destroying his old swing-set.  I’m so stinkin’ excited to see them play on this one!

“Before.”  I told Jason when we bought this house, this thing had to go.  Finally today was the day!

First Braces are up!

I may be just a little excited about this.

Rock Wall assembled!

Pieces, pieces, everywhere!

Working in the garage because it’s… RAINING.  Still.

Trying to chainsaw the old set down.  Yeah, that didn’t work.

First part of the fort!

Fort is taking shape!

The moment I realize the kids have been smashing my house with their powerwheels… grrr.  Good thing I love them.

Coming together!

Odds and ends assembled and ready for tomorrow!

Here’s to family, and kiddos, and swing-sets, and having a day during deployment where you don’t feel so very lonely.  =)

I know it was awesome around here.

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  1. trooppetrie

    I realized during a deployment that our dog, really HIS dog had eaten the siding off the house. UGG, luckily he could replace the pieces when he got home

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