Construction Day 2… Complete!

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Day 15!  Only 4 more days left, so go vote for Top Military Mom!  >>>>>>>>>>>>>


I am so very tired.  But it’s probably nothing compared to how my family feels right now as they drive back to PA.  2 days, 3 adults (2 of whom knew what they were doing), and a giant monstrosity of a swing-set is complete.

Second Level going up, way too early on a Saturday Morning.  No really.  These guys were at it at 6:30 A.M.  
Fort Done!  (well, kind of)
Finishing Touches

Days like this make me miss Jason.  We were blessed, and he hopped on Skype while the kids had their first chance to play, so he got to see it.  Still, as we’re chatting about winterizing the set, it hits me that Jason won’t be home by then, and it seems so far off.

Yeah, today missing him was pretty wretched, but these kids with their bright smiles and laughter…. they got me.  Oh yeah, they rocked my little world.

Aaron up the rock wall

All the kiddos (Even Diesel!)

Aidan loves the slide

It’s hard to get Brody out of the Crow’s nest

Aaron and Aidan.  This thing is tall enough for ME to stand in it!
Brody checking out the plans… you know, in case he feels like putting on an addition.
Happy, Happy, Happy kiddos.  Worth so many hours of utter insanity.
So welcome, our new swing set!!!  Tomorrow, you’ll hear all about the debacle it was to get it here, but watching them laugh, and getting tackled in hugs was so very worth it.  Every little bit.
Being a mom rules. 

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