Day Three of Christmas: Good Days and Mittens

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Day three.  Short and sweet, because man, I’m exhausted.  I made the mistake of staying up way too late last night with a book. Don’t judge me, I got sucked in.  😉

Today was a great day.  Normal, by any means, but after the insanity of yesterday, which seriously had me bursting into tears over mudroom mess… really. Tears.  UGH.  Anyway, normal was bliss.  Hockey ran late, couldn’t find my keys, kids nearly got run over in the pitch black parking lot, but hey General Fluffy Pants is fitting in, and Diesel hasn’t eaten him (yet).

Today is a good day.

And I am grateful today for the good days.  During a deployment, they occur less than the bad days.  Bad days… well, usually they’re kind of like:

So good days, the ones where I can think, “Hey I have this under control,” are a beautiful thing.  They are few and far, and usually require me hermitting a wee bit.  Man, I love to hermit.

I’m thankful for the moments during deployment that I think everything is really going to be okay.  The ones where the boys remember all their boyscout stuff, have the hockey gear in the car, and don’t harass me with how much they miss junk food.  Good days, the boys aren’t jockeying for dominance, Chase hasn’t cried over 17 times, and Brody hasn’t hit anyone with a hockey stick.  Good days rock, and I am thankful for them.

Good days are days I can look at my boys and say, it’s okay:

Every day is not like that.  But today, I got the 8 foot Christmas tree out of the attic, down the hall, across the house, down the stairs and into the living room, where I managed to get the sectional apart, and now I’m all kinds of:
These days, the ones where everything is going to be okay?  Yeah, they make up for the crap ones.  
As for our act of kindness?  We totally hit up the mitten tree.  There’s one at our gym, and for a $5 addition to our cart at Walmart the other day, we were able to donate a pair of mittens so a little guy could keep his hands warm.  Super simple to us, easy peesy.  But so important to someone else.  Kindness, even in the smallest of ways, matters, my peeps.  Be kind.  
Okay, now that my eyes are crossing I’m seriously headed to bed.  I think tomorrow we’ll talk about sleep deprivation and deployment.  Cool?  Cool. 

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