Day Two of Christmas: Aidan and General Fluffy Pants

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Ah, day two, December 2nd.

December 2nd has always been one of my favorite days of the year, because it’s my dad’s birthday.  Well, 9 years ago, since my mom was out of town, we made plans to have a dinner for him, but we didn’t quite make it there because I became a little busy…

Aidan was born.

Instead, my dad brought ME dinner after he was born, and promised that Aidan was the best birthday gift he could have been given.  Every year, my favorite conversation is the one between these two on the phone, “No, happy birthday to YOU!”  Freaking love the men in my life.  

So today, my Aidan Rex is 9 years old.  My own personal Hulk, and what I am immensely thankful for today.  Oh, he’s not always easy, I’ll tell you that, but he has the biggest heart of our kids.  Aidan is like watching a little Mini-Jason run around our home.  He’s got Jason’s compassion, Jason’s hugs, Jason’s smile, mama’s eyes, and Jason’s pressure-cooker temperament.  He’s the gasoline to Chase’s fire, but he’s also the first to say, “good morning, mama, you’re beautiful.”  I think he knows better than to start off on me before I’ve had my coffee.  😉

He always knows when I need a hug, and he knows just how to push my buttons.  He’s the one I can always depend on, the first boy I ask for help, and he’s the first to offer it.  He may be the 2nd son, but he’s also the most responsible (sorry Aaron).  There aren’t enough blog posts to tell you how much I love Aidan, or how thankful I am for his sheer existence in this world.

So yes, today, I’m grateful for Aidan, for gracing me with his love, and the gift of being his mama.

As for our act of kindness… well, I’d like to introduce you to someone:

Meet General Fluffy Pants. 
I have to tell you, when Aidan decreed his name, well, I fell a little more in love with my own kid.  Then I laughed a good long time.  Yes, for our act of kindness, we adopted General Fluffy Pants today, and Aidan has a new companion.  Why?  Because Aidan has wanted one for FOREVER, so we skipped the pet stores and breeders and went straight to Craigslist, where a military family needed to rehome him.  It was important to me to show Aidan (and the rest of the kids), that animals shouldn’t just be bought and sold, but adopted, loved, and cared for.  Sure, it’s an act of kindness for him, to give him a home, but animals deserve kindness too.  Plus, I think he brings way more to us with snuggles and that wiggly nose than we could ever give to him.  We’ll call this one our selfish act of kindness.  😉
Yes, I know, new book deal, new baby, new… bunny.  Yeah, we’re just rolling it in around here.

Happy 2nd day of December. Happy Birthday, Daddy. Happy Birthday, Aidan.  Happy Adoption Day, General Fluffy Pants – we’re a house full of boys, so one more doesn’t phase us.  We’re so lucky to have you.

Gratitude and kindness, peeps.  Yup.

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