Fall is coming. I think. Maybe.

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Isn’t it time for school to start yet?  No… seriously, shouldn’t it be here already?

I mean, the leaves are changing on the trees, which always freaks me out in upstate NY.  Let’s face it.  We have two seasons:

Summer, which means:

and Winter, which is full of: 
Yeah.  So the leaves are turning.  Fall is coming, for which I’m grateful for a variety of reasons.
1.  Fall means it’s one season closer to Jason coming home. 
Right.  I don’t think I’m at a place where I can even contemplate how much more time we have left to go in this deployment.  It’s still kind of blinders-on, stumble-through and check off the days.  Right.  So Fall coming is good.  It means it’s not Groundhog Day around here.  
Number 2 reason I’m psyched for Fall?  Leaves turning, jeans and hoodies, warm apple cider, pumpkins, mums, and the beauty of Upstate NY.  I’ve never been a place as beautiful in the Fall as it is here.  Breathtaking doesn’t quite capture it.  
But the biggest reason?
Oh yes…
Yes!  The return of structure!  Routine!  Peace!  Call me a bad summer-mom, or whatever, but I crave the predictability of the day.  I love that the boys are excited to see one another after the day, and not just tolerating each other… or fighting.
Speaking of fighting…. it’s time for the dreaded event: Back to School Shopping.  The moment I say those words, Aaron’s out of here like: 
Running.  Yeah.  I’m not sure why boys are so inclined to hate the joys of new clothes.  Sigh. So as I begin the shopping foray, I see that Aaron is getting bigger.  He’s getting to the big boy sizes, so when I do get him in the stores my basic reaction is like:
Yeah.  When did he get big enough for these jeans?  Say WHAT?  And what the heck is with the size of his feet?  Like… FEET! And I’m realizing that he’s… like…  growing up.
I’m not sure when this happened, and my general thought is that this is so not okay.  Not that I’m going to hold him back from growing up, but really?  Can’t we slow down this whole middle-school process?  Pretty please?  
Right.  So back to shopping.  I figure I’d better get the boys out and at least get their shoes bought today.  But the hardest kid to shop with right now is Brody.  Seriously.  Yes, the cute, cuddly one.  Because he’s four years old, everything right now is a process.  So he rolls down the stairs dressed in an iron man costume…  No folks, I don’t make this up, they seriously ALL dress like the avengers at least once a day (which is why these .gifs are sooooo funny to me), and before I can even hear what’s going on, Chase is like:
And Brody has to fire back some comment about how Chase doesn’t match like: 
Which leads to Chase losing his temper like:
And now it’s basically on like Donkey Kong, because Brody is irate.
Now Mama has to step in.  BUT, there are some benefits and drawbacks to being the baby, and before I can get from the kitchen to the entry hall, Aidan has transformed and is on Chase like:
Oh yeah.  It all goes downhill from there, but I look over and see Aaron sitting on the couch, playing with my cell phone, looking at them like:
Not only that, but he’s FILMING the fight.  Really?  You have to go all Ron Howard on me?  Yeah.  So, I pull Brody off the top of the dogpile, and he’s basically like:
Right.  Nevertheless, we have the “we don’t hit” discussion to which he basically replies:
And now it’s onto the “2 wrongs don’t make a right” speech…  Sigh.  Once I get Aidan and Chase separated, I inform Brody:
Sure, we do crazy fun stuff all the time in costume.  And yeah, I’ve been known to take him to the grocery store like:  
Yes, that’s really my Brody.  😉  But I draw the line at full-out Iron Man in the mall.  He justifies his costume with logic like:

Well, not really, but that one was toooooo funny to pass up.  So anyway, getting him out of this costume is kind of like:
But eventually he heads up the stairs, passing Aidan on the steps to say thanks for getting his back like: 

Sigh.  Yeah.  And I take this opportunity to snatch my phone out of Aaron’s hand and check the video.  Huh.  An actual teaching moment may be available.  So I pull Chase over and show him what he looks like when he’s flipping the heck out, and he watches the video, and says something akin to:
Yup. Right.  None of them want to go.  They’re all whining, all complaining, and I’m seeing the day flash before my eyes… and it’s not pleasant.  So I take one look at these boys, and their genuine hatred of this process I’m basically just like: 
Fine.  You know what?  Fine.  FINE.  
I already have a shopping date tomorrow with another one of the wives in our unit.  Kids are staying home.  Mamas are headed to the outlets like:

So yeah, I’ll just let them avenge it up today, and I’ll tackle tomorrow like:
I tell the boys they can stay home and tear it up, and they’re like:
I guess, in the scheme of things, it’s a win-win.  They’re happy, I’m happy, we’re all happy.  There’s four little guys to buy back-to-school clothes for, so you’d better bet I’ve got this handled.  School is coming.   Routine is nigh.  Blessed structure is so close I can taste it.  But before that can start, it’s clothes and school supplies.  
Fall is coming.
Thank you, God.

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  1. Amanda Dearest

    The first hint of all in new England would send me into hysterics. The hought of one more winter in the north east was like trying to imagine 25 to life in the hole at a maximum security prison. Now that im back in Cali, i have o admit as as new england winters sucked, fall was pretty freaking amazing. And i maybe almost miss it a little. And the apple picking. *Sigh*

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