Guest Post by author Nola Sarina! (Yes, she deserves an exclamation point.)

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I’ve never before let a guest blogger on, so that should tell you how absolutely terrific author Nola Sarina is.  Just like me, she’s a mom, trying to balance a hectic life of parenting and following her dream of publishing.  She’s also a fantastic critique partner.  She’s here to chat about juggling it all, staying true to our families while not forgetting who we are as women, give you a little sneak peek at my novel, Aeolian, and launch her fantastic new blog.  


I met Rebecca on the Literary Powerhouse Facebook Group for writers, founded by the Corvisiero Literary agency. As an author of dark fantasy, I quickly recognized a sort of kinship with Rebecca when I learned that her Young Adult novel, Aeolian, touches on a lot of subject matters that are not only popular, but connect with my own writing based on her characters, who are multi-faceted, inspiring and take the reader on a journey that asks the question, “What would you be willing to sacrifice to save that which is most precious to you?”

I was fortunate enough to read Aeolian as Rebecca prepared for her submissions to literary agents and TV producers, while I’m waiting to hear from publishers about my own fiction (The waiting is torture for both of us!) and quickly connected with the characters. They are rich and vivid, exploring a new, frightening world while learning to embrace the challenges and sacrifices that come with power – in Aeolian, elemental powers wielded by the Houses of each element. The characters’ inner strength caught me the most, as well as their perseverence.

I had visited The Only Girl Among Boys before and read a bit of Rebecca’s blog, but as I met the characters of Aeolian, I was inspired to read further into this blog. Blogging is a challenge that demands a lot of time, honesty and investment, and as a mother of three, I relate to Rebecca and the many responsibilities she has on her plate. Add in the military, and I don’t know how she does it all… but I recognize a similarity between us, in that no matter what life throws, we continue to persevere and show that inner strength through total devotion to everything we do.

As authors and mothers, our hearts are invested wholly into all areas of our busy days, and it reflects in the writing through our characters. We cherish our characters and nurture them into the best representation of themselves that they can be, just as we do with our children and our marriages. The stories also reflect our ability to juggle it all, by the way we masterfully handle an ensemble cast of characters while still giving them each a unique, relatable voice (you’ll see when you buy Aeolian – the characters spring right off the page!). And the amount of heart and soul we pour into our endeavors as family women and authors also shows in the storylines, which touch on very close-to-home inner conflicts like spirituality, personal growth and the persistent drive to persevere against all odds, through all hardships and with every challenge that’s thrown our way.

Rebecca’s characters do that, and if you’ve read any of her blog at all, you know that she does, too… never surrendering to stress.

Sure, we get frustrated and tired and cranky. But the most powerful thing about our art as writers is that we can pour that into our characters, too, and teach ourselves how to get out of a slump by showing a character how to do it first.

I’m cheering for absolute success for Aeolian and Rebecca’s writing career, and I’m very thankful she’s allowed me to guest post on her blog today.

I’m launching a new blog project with two of the agents at Corvisiero Literary Agency, Michelle L. Johnson and Jamie Bodnar Drowley this weekend, called New Stories, Old Book which focuses on the spiritual components of fiction that’s driven by Biblical influence. I’m sure I’ll be turning to Rebecca often for advice as the journey begins, since regular blogging is not a habit I’ve maintained until now, and it is another art in itself. One more thing I’m lucky enough to balance in life as an author and mother!

Thanks for reading, and thank you to Rebecca for allowing me to post on her blog today!

Nola Sarina

Want to know more about Nola?  

Nola Sarina is an author of dark fantasy and an advocate for the New Adult market category of fiction. Her Vesper Series, represented by Corvisiero Literary Agency, is a dark fantasy twist on Original Sin. You can find out more about Nola and her books at  and please stop by her new blog project at – where you have the chance to win one of 3 $20 Amazon gift cards this weekend for following or liking us on Facebook!

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  1. Margie Church

    Best wishes on your book, Nola, and of course on your new blog project. I'll be following both with keen interest.

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