Happy Birthday Chase!

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My Dearest Chase,

You’re three. This may not seem like a big number to you, but to mommy, it is huge. It is the difference between the cherub-like infant you were and the hulkster you are now.

Don’t tell your brothers, but you are our only “planned” baby. Chase, we wanted you before we knew who you even were. We waited patiently to make sure we were ready for you, and I can’t imagine our family without you in it. It’s almost as if those first few years without you are fuzzy, and they came into focus them moment the midwife put you into my arms.

I should have guessed from your labor that you would always have a forceful personality. Perhaps “forceful” isn’t quite the word. Chase, you are a nazi. You are the Meister. Stewie has nothing on you, and I know that you’re just biding your time as a toddler until you’re old enough to take over the world. But you’re also super-sweet, kind of like a sour patch kid. I have no doubt that you will be able to shape the world around you as you get older. This is one of my favorite things about you. When you were a baby, you would cry all day for no reason that I could determine. You hated your car seat. You hated the car. You hated the rain. You really hated driving in the car, in your car seat, in the rain. You hate the beach, and the water, and the sand and any animal larger than you are. You pretty much hate everything that isn’t in your normal routine or within your control. But because of your quirks, you’ve made me more patient, more understanding, and more willing to stand my ground. I know I have to push your boundaries just far to bend them and not break you. You’re the most challanging child I’ve ever had, but the rewards are even greater. I know that God sent me you because he knew I needed to grow as a mother, and I wouldn’t shake you. 😉 I wouldn’t change a single one of your quirks… well except maybe the fear of the potty… I might change that one…

Chase, I love you so very much. Your hugs are magic, and your kisses bring a smile to my face during these trying days while Dad’s gone. You bring smiles to every person you come in contact with, and you can charm your way into the lap of any girl you meet. This ability will take you far as a teenager… Catching your break-dancing sessions remind me why I wanted to stay home. You’re the first baby I’ve stayed home with since birth, and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. Every new little thing you do astounds me.

The first time you pronounced “Afghanistan” perfectly at 2 years-old, I was simulataneously wow’ed and saddened. I’m so sorry that you sacrifice so much for something that was never your choice. But I hope you understand as you grow that our family made these sacrifices for the good of not just ourselves, but our country, and you are a part of that. I can only hope that I’m strong enough the next year to give you everything you need. You deserve everything I can give you and more.

So happy birthday, Chase-meister. Only a few more years before you can begin your world-takeover. I love you more than you will ever know.


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