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I used to have a normal job.  You know, the kind where I put on business clothes, jewelry, and did my hair before seven a.m.  Now I throw on my yoga pants and hoodie to drop the kids at the bus.  I haven’t yet stooped to leaving the house in pajama pants, but I’m leaving room for … no, scratch that.  I’m drawing the line at pj pants.

I’m a stay at home mom, and have been since 2006 when we PCS’d to Germany.  My suits have been boxed for six flipping years.  Elie Tahari would smack me.  Everyone knows that military servicemen (and women) don’t make that much money.  Honestly, Jason’s salary is of public record, as is every other military member.  I miss working some days, and I definitely miss the ease on the finances, but with Jason gone so much, and deployments not stopping any time soon, we know it’s best for the kids if I stay home and give them some form of continuity.  So what do I do?
First off, I’m a cake decorator, and I love it… most days.  I can set my schedule, choose my clients, and it’s the key word:  Portable.  If you look around your local post, a ton of military wives work from home because we can take our businesses with us when we PCS.  I know a ton of Scentsy reps, 31 reps, Mary Kay reps, and jewelry reps, all of whom are military wives.  How do we get the things we want on a limited budget?  We barter.  I have made cakes for Scentsy bars, for pictures, you name it, and I have friends who trade services all the time, from massage therapy to photography.  
We also build relationships.  When I needed head-shots for my website, (which is totally awesome thanks to my friend, Little Miss Pioneer), I called up a friend here who jumped at the chance to help me out.  I’m taking a huge leap at the end of the month for a writer’s conference, and she volunteered to help with my business cards because she rocks.  What it comes down to is that we help one another out, and back one another up.

Check these out:  

She took allergy-ridden me, and did THAT!  You say photographer, I say magician.  😉

Everyone knows that I don’t do advertising on the blog, but Ginger offered a free session for an Only Girl Among Boys fan, so hey, grab it.  Check out the raffle thing below (and everyone give me a high-five because I figured that thing out).  There are more than a few ways to enter, and you can do a few of them every day if you want to indulge in Ginger’s awesome skills.  Please note, you need to be in the Fort Drum area unless you’re planning on paying her airfare somewhere exotic. This ends, Sunday, Oct 21, and the winner will be notified 48 hours after for this awesome giveaway!

Lastly, leave a comment with how you work from home, and inspire another wife!  We’re all making it work!

Here’s what Ginger is offering!  

Free Portrait session with Gypsy Thorn Photography $75 value 


(1)      Disc of web share logo marked photos not suitable for printing
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            As facebook, twitter, myspace, and blogs.)

(2)      Up to 2 hours of shooting time
(3)      One location of choice
(4)      Proof appointment for print ordering
(5)      Retouching and processing of photographs taken (no less than 15 no more than 30)
(6)      Use of in studio or on location props

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  1. drea

    I trade embroidered items all the time for other things… most recently for some graphic design work… LOVE trading 🙂

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