I’m on Submission and WHAT!!!

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My hands are shaking.  Seriously.  And I may need to vomit.  Hold on, I’ll let you know.

Okay, so a year ago today, I wrote my very first query letter and a year ago tomorrow, I sent it out.  To the person I sent it to:  Thank you for not putting me on slushpilehell, and thank you for auto-rejecting me, because everything led me to Jamie.  =)

I heart Jamie.  I heart the whole Inklings crew, really, but Jamie most. 

So, the timing is perfect.  A year ago, I started that first query, and today Jamie told me that I’m on submission.  Submission!  She sent her pitches to publishers, which is kind of like her saying:

 She did her rock star agent pitching today and now we wait for requests, and inevitable rejects too.

I’ve known we’re going on submission for a week or so, and all week I’ve been:

And my husband has been all: 
Mostly because he loves me, and he knows that the rejections have to come due to the nature of this industry, and I think he’s slightly afraid I’ll be all…

…when the rejections come in, and to be fair, he’s probably right.

But to give you a quick idea of how being on submission feels, it’s kind of like:

If the husband thought I brought my phone to bed BEFORE, now he’s going to have to deal with it plastered to me for the next, oh, forever.  I’m a huge ball of nerves,

and giant bubble of excitement,

and maybe even a little of this:

Why the tears?  Because this is my dream career.  This is what I’ve always dreamed of doing and now it feels like it might actually happen.  I might get to spend my life doing what I really, really, really love professionally!

So I’m just verifying with my awesome agent that I can publicly say I’m on submission, and she writes back saying that yep, I can blast it to the world… but then…

Did I read that right????  Let me read that again…  
Yup, she said not only can I say that I’m on submission today, but that I already have a request from a major publisher!  

Once I gather my thoughts enough to like… function and all that, I immediately call my husband and catch him just as he’s ready to run-up his aircraft.  Perfect timing for a 30 Second Happy Dance!!!!

And my awesome critique partners are all:

Now I’m going to bask in this crazy, wonderful moment.  This is perfection because right now everything is wide open and the possibilities seem like they’re close enough to touch.

Oh, and if I didn’t make it clear before, this is stunning.  Seriously.  Jamie signed me two weeks ago, loved the MS as it was, didn’t ask me to hack it to bits, and has already pitched me.  ROCK STAR.

And then as I’m proofing this blog to hit publish, Jamie hits me up again.  I’ve got ANOTHER request from a major publisher.  OMG.  Two requests in one day.  The first day.  I’m just… just…  just…  OMG.

So in case she didn’t get it before…

Now I have to go finish up dinner, because… well, these gorgeous kids still demand to be fed…  😉

I’ll be on cloud 9 if you need me.

5 Comments on “I’m on Submission and WHAT!!!”

  1. jessika fleck

    Love this! I'm giggling, tearing up, and possibly beginning to siezure from all of the jerky movements, lol. CONGRATS! CONGRATS! CONGRATS! And…welcome to the waiting den :p

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