The Joys of PCS’ing

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Joy? What Joy? Oh, I am sooooo not one for transition. Just tell me where we’re going, and then take me there next week. I hate all this “in-the-middle” crap. You military wives know what I’m talking about. The whole, “we’re leaving soon, but not so soon that I can be rude to people” phase. You’ve mentally checked out of your base, and spend half your time on the internet researching the place you’re moving to, but you can’t quite pack the kitchen. I would like to pack my kitchen and just get going. Oh wait, Jason has to graduate first… that is the point of us living here, right? Wings, baby, wings!

We finally figured out how and when our stuff / ourselves are all getting there, and we should be rolling into Carthage on the 14th of May. Unloading the house that weekend and we’re off and running with the bulls. Did I mention that Jason won’t be there? Luckily, I have the best friend in the world (like since we were hormonal teens) coming along for our stellar 1300 miles, 4 boys and a dog road trip. I love you Emily. But I’ve put away a house solo before, this is no big deal. Besides, if he’s not there, I get the final say in furniture placement minus the argument. Can’t lose. But I need the details to stop changing. I need it to fit into my pre-finals schedule. I need a plan. I need it to go smoothly. Wait… crap, this is the army and none of that will be happening. I guess I need to be Flexible. I need to remember that stamping my foot and screaming at Uncle Sam really won’t help.

I will miss lots about Rucker. Well, mostly the people, some of whom have already left. I already lost my best friend to Fort Campbell last December, but I will miss the whole Rucker crew. We’ve been through a lot of crap together. I’ll miss my house. I really do love this house. I’ll miss living on a base this small, where everything is convenient. I’ll miss the mellow weather and the ability to wear flip-flops 300 days out of the year. What I’ll miss most is knowing that my husband isn’t combat-bound any time soon. The countdown is on, and I’m feeling it.

But there’s a lot to look forward to. I’m always up for an adventure, and this is no different. I’m also looking forward to living close to Tami. Yeah, so I will admit to being a bit comforted by the familiar. I already found an ice rink for the boys to start hockey. 🙂 I know where our church is at, and I even googlemaps’d the nearest Target. There’s skiing 40 minutes from the house and tons of activities to keep us outside and busy while Jason is flying around Afghanistan. We have family close enough to visit. I just need to prep myself for the new. New house (awful wallpaper coming down shortly), new schools, new unit, new… everything. I think I’m ready, just let me get there already!

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