JRTC Journals : Day 17-18 The One about Opsec

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Ah, two more days have gone by.  We’ve had many run-ins with the pre-deployment Gnome, but we can cover those another time…  What we’re going to talk about today, is OPSEC.  Why, you ask?  Because Fort Drum has begun saying goodbye as the dwell-period of 2012 is over and the Deployments of 2013 have begun.

So you girls… you know who you are.  The ones who are posting that your soldier left at this time at this place headed to this location… this blog is dedicated to you.

Oh, and I’ll be speaking for the rest of us… I hope the “rest of us” don’t mind.  😉

You, yes you, the one with the deployment date blasted all over facebook.  Do you know what the rest of us think when we see your “So sad we only have three days left before deployment” post?  Yeah, we’re all like:

While annoying, that doesn’t really phase us.  We just roll our eyes at your naivete because we know what’s coming next.  You see, we don’t get angry until you’re posting, “Up at 3:00 am to say goodbye.  I can’t believe he leaves Fort Wherever-you-are in two hours for Afghanistan!  I can’t wait until he calls me from insert-layover-location.”  See, now you’ve crossed the line, and we’re all:

You just violated OPSEC.  What’s OPSEC, you say?  I’m sure you’ve seen the WWII posters, and if not then:  

Need a little more?  Then here you go:

Do you get the general idea?  If you know where your husband is going, know what day/time he’s going, know what mission he’s completing, you keep it to yourself.  Why?  Because it keeps him safe, and it keeps the soldiers who are with him safe.  Think of it like this:

Yes?  Then you don’t tell.  When you tell, it compromises your soldier’s ability to do this safely:

               And this safely too:

And for all of us 64 Spouses, THIS too:

Come on, you know that thing is sexy…  But I digress.  How about when they’re in theatre?  When they’re deployed, and you start posting on Facebook “Pray for my soldier in “Afghan” city, they’re on a mission right now,” (No really, I have actually seen this), what the rest of us are thinking is:

Are you trying to get him killed?  Are you trying to make his mission fail?  Yes, I get it, it’s Facebook, and I know, 

But here’s the thing; it’s also:

That means you have NO clue who really has the power to see it!  So while maybe you’re intending your mom, your girlfriend, your dog to see it, you’re actually inviting the hidden psycho back there, searching for info.

And pardon the language, but you know the thing about the internet?

Yup.  Maybe you need extra prayers, a little understanding, a big internet hug because you’re stressed out.  I get it.

 Why?  Because I have been there, most of us have, but you know what?

It’s not that I don’t have sympathy.  Because I do.  I know what it’s like to have these things happen, and know that there’s no one you can talk to, no one to help you process what you’re dealing with, what he is dealing with.  So yes, I understand wanting that outpouring of love that Facebook can provide, and maybe I think about posting something…

     Okay, are you listening?

 Okay, pay attention and I promise even OPSEC cat can nail this.

Maybe you think, “what I’m saying isn’t that bad, and last time I checked, HE is in the army, not me.  You have no say what I post!!!”  Well, to that, I have to say…

And then I’d have to say:

Okay, we’re getting there.  Now just one more thing:

 You know what really frosts my cookies?  When someone posts when their husband is coming home.  Case in point:

I seriously pulled this off of tumblr…  A PUBLIC SITE, you know, after I took out the name and the location.  It’s not just Facebook ladies, it’s texts, it’s the internet, and it’s all because when you put it out there, you never know who’s going to say: 
What’s even better is when the times get posted.  You know what happens when you post, “So glad my husband will be home on the 2:30 flight for mainbody 1 tomorrow!”?  Well, someone in the army gets wind of it, and they’re all: 
And then you know what happens??? 

And then all those other wives in your unit… the ones for whom you just delayed their homecoming because you couldn’t keep it to yourself?  Bet you they’re all:

Because let’s face it, they’re tired, and lonely and sex-deprived and ready for their husbands to be home and you just went and jacked that ALL up.  You think I’m kidding, right?  There’s no way they’d cancel flights just because you helped him “check-in” on Facebook for his itinerary?  Well believe me,

 And now all of those women, yeah, they know you’re the one that posted it… why? …because they’re ALL on Facebook!  So now, all those girls who you just blatantly screwed over and put their husbands in danger are all :

And believe me, if you go to post it again…

Oh yeah, you’re on their radar now.  So let’s just avoid that whole situation and NOT do it.

You know what IS safe?  My husband deploys this Spring.  My husband has reached his destination safely.  My husband is doing great, message me for his address if you’d like to send him a package.  My husband is coming home soon.

My favorite?

My husband is HOME!  Text that bad boy ALL DAY LONG!

Okay ladies, we’re not in the military, unless you are, in which case, you go with your bad self.  But anyway, we might not wear the uniform, but we can help keep them safe by keeping our secrets to ourselves.  In conclusion, let’s all remember:

 And let’s all remember, OPSEC is our friend,

2 Comments on “JRTC Journals : Day 17-18 The One about Opsec”

  1. HayleySon

    You are AMAZING. Just thought you should know. You are my frequent humor during this deployment. Thank you.

  2. notesfromthebackseat

    I've only recently discovered your blog, but I love it. Being in the hump of our first deployment, it really sucks when I see things like that out and about all over Facebook and the like. I have kids and couldn't attend the pre-deployment briefs due to childcare issues (and haven't been able to attend a single Brigade function since they left for the same reason, you'd think they'd fix that…), anyway, I didn't need someone to tell me to keep my mouth shut to keep him safe. It's just common sense. I wouldn't put a sign on my door that reads "Small framed woman living alone with two special needs children. Husband wont be back for months and her only way to contact 911 is a cell phone that may or may not work because of the dead zone in the bedroom." I mean, seriously, we don't advertise that we are home alone for nine months, I'm pretty sure my neighbors think I'm just a crazy stressed single mom lol, I don't understand why people broadcast the who, what, when, where, and how of their soldiers down range. It's why I stick to the "270 model". Everything I post is in terms of the 270 days, with the stipulation that it's up to the Army when he comes home.

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