JRTC Journals Day 4

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Ah, Day 4.  We’re not quite a week in yet, still settling into the “Daddy’s gone” Routine.  That doesn’t mean that life stops around here though.

When I first started this little JRTC project, I figured it would be all inspirational.  You know, take a peek around what I was able to do while he was gone.  How I keep spirits up and the house going. So, yes, in the morning, I wake up all sorts of ambitious.  Like “Heck yeah, I’m going to modge podge the HECK out of those canvases today!”

And then something goes all off the wall and my plans are all…  um… yeah.

And I realize I haven’t seen another adult (besides grocery-store check-out) in 4 freaking days, and my two best battle-buddies both PCS’d and I have yet to replace them because I generally just don’t like new people, so I feel all: 

And I realize I’ve fallen back into self-pity style and I’m all:

So by the evening, pre-bath time, I just want to…

Add in yesterday, where there was the exciting event of having the kids fit for their new hockey gear, and the guy was kind of like:

And I’m thinking, no, the three year-old’s knee/shin pads cannot cover his skates.  Why?  Because he doesn’t play GOALIE.  So we get home after writing an obscenely large check, drag all 4 bags of gear inside, and they’re fighting and generally done with one another.  I’m just waiting for someone to practice “checking” as a legitimate excuse for bodily harm, and Jason calls from dinner with his buddies on TDY, all calm like.  I’m pretty sure this was his actual face when he hears the chaos  here.

And just for that moment, I didn’t want to hear about the cool restaurant dinner with his pilot buddies, or the quiet hotel room where no one was asking him to untangle them from the glee karaoke microphone chord. 
So while he’s telling me he’s stuck at this city, yada-yada-yada, and he has to go because everyone is watching football with libations and he wouldn’t want to bore me, all I’m thinking is:

So the kids head to bed, and I think it’s a great time to make my to-do list for the next few weeks and pull myself from the funk, and I’m all:

And I’m thinking perhaps it’s best to simmer down and just not overload myself with a whole Hobby-lobby list.  Yeah, let’s conquer dishes first and all that crap.  Because once the dishes are done, and the clothes are clean (mmmm but perhaps not folded), and the kids are healthy, alive, and asleep, it’s all:

And day 4 is over.


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