JRTC Journals Days 1-3

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Ah, the New Year!  The feeling that anything is possible… that is until you realize that the alarm clock still goes off at the same time every morning and the kids are still…  well…  yeah.

We were home about 48 hours from leave before Jason left for JRTC.  This is the first time we’ve been apart for a unit-wide training since… jeeze, NTC back in Lord-knows-when?  After 13 years with him, all the trainings start to run together in my brain.  So, I kind of wallowed my first two days, and I thought I’d make up for that by attempting to explain myself and our recent weeks via GIF’s.  Bear with me. 😉

So we spent three weeks in Colorado over Christmas Break, and it was exactly what the doctor ordered.  From the minute I walk through the doors in my parents’ house, I go from a 31 year-old, restrained mother of four to:

But then after a few days, and realizing how much time we’d actually be there… you know, living with my parents (who are used to complete quiet and not 4 rambunctious boys), I was all…  
But then I find out a TON of high school friends are in town, and My best friend EVER is coming down for the weekend, my sister wants to see Les Mis, my NY Bestie (the Running Woman, who PCS’d to the Springs about a year ago) wants to hang, another girlfriend from Germany lives in the Springs, and everyone wants to get together and I’m all…
But then Christmas came, and my husband and I watched our favorite movie:

And then I remember what it’s like to go out with my sister and my best friend and we’re all:  

But then, after some Bee Sting action at the Broadmoor Bar, I’m all…  

So we rounded out our last week there, said goodbye to all my friends, packed up, and that last night I spent there, looking up at those gorgeous stars, I’m all…

Which wasn’t as bad as the moment we took off out of DIA, and the plane turned East, away from the mountains, and this may have been my face…

 So then we come home to oodles of snow, which is common in Upstate New York.  We knew we only had a day or so before Jason left for JRTC, but then they told us he wasn’t leaving for four more days, and I’m all:  After all, there’s 2 feet of snow on the patio, and the battery is dead in the snow-blower, and the wave-runners need to be moved, and there’s no groceries in the house so I could use a wee bit of back-up for a few days…

But then around 4pm, we find out, nawh, he’s leaving the next morning, and I’m 
kinda ungracious like: 

Then, I’m thinking, “Okay now, let’s chill out,” 
but all I can manage to say towards the telephone is…
 But then I calm down enough to realize that we thought he was leaving then anyway,
 so at most, all I’m really entitled to feel is:
Because, after all, when it comes to the army, I’ve learned I need to:

So then he leaves at 4:30 a.m., and I kind of felt defeated for a bit.  Sure, it’s only a month, but with only 3 or so months before deployment, losing this month feels like I got punched in the stomach.  It’s not cool to lose 1/3 of the time I have left with him.  Needless to say:

But now I’ve had 2 days to kind of wallow, and read YA books on my new nook, and write my new novel, and generally ignore housework, so I’m feeling all: 

So that’s the last few weeks in GIF form.  Just for fun, we’ll throw these in for the JRTC journals, which should last about a month.  Now, however, I guess I should go write.  You know, like use actual words and such.

Let’s see what this month brings.

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