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What’s up party people?

pw 3

Welcome to Pitch Wars 2016!!! I’m back this year as a mentor, and I couldn’t be any more excited! I took last year off because we were in the middle of our exhausting, absolutely heart-wrenching two-year battle to adopt our youngest daughter from Foster Care where we’d been caring for her since she’d been 5 months-old, and now everything is finalized, we moved across the country and we’re all settled in Colorado, so I’m ready to roll!

With coffee. Of course.

Audrey grace pool

Isn’t she adorable? Yes. Of course she is—and worth every second of the transcontinental fight we went through to keep her.

Now back to Pitch Wars:



And yes, I absolutely challenged myself to use all GOT and Arrow .Gifs, but I’m also feeling Deadpool, too…  Why? Because I’m a ComicCon-loving, Arrow-watching, Game of Thrones binge-watching super nerd. Let’s see how this goes. Shall we start with the part of this where I attempt to write a flattering bio that makes you think I’m amazing and want to sub to me?

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Yes, lets get the awkward out of the way.

Who am I?



Just kidding.

Hiya! I’m Rebecca Yarros.

I’m the author of the Flight & Glory series for Entangled Publishing. I write sexy, emotional New Adult and Adult Romance. Why? Because I like LOVE!

Shall we chat book credentials? Okay.

My debut, Full Measures, was a Goodreads nominee for debut of the year. My second book, Eyes Turned Skyward, won the 2015 Colorado RWA award for Excellence in New Adult. I’ve written nine books and published six, with another two scheduled for this year. I believe in hybrid publishing with today’s market, so I also have two indie-published novellas (with a third coming next week) in my Legacy Series. I was selected as a Discovery Author for 1001 Dark Nights this year as well, and couldn’t be any more stoked about it! I’m in the middle of my second multi-book deal, with WILDER (the first in the Renegade Series) releasing in September, and I’ve sold enough books to put a copy into the hands of everyone who lives in Salt Lake City.

If you actually took the time to look up the population of Salt Lake City, you’re either very curious, or vetting your mentor-options. Either way, I’m impressed. 😉

Not enough? Have I not won you over? Hmmm…. let me see…

pw 5

I’ve been published in the Netherlands, Turkey, Poland, and I’m hitting the shelves in Brazil this year. Now if only I could travel as easily as my books do!

I have a degree in history and English, so I’m a fun tour guide in random locations. Yes, I’m a card-carrying nerd and proud of it.

In the agent department, I’m blessed to be represented by Louise Fury of the Bent Agency, who has always been my dream agent, and it all happened because I ended up ordering coffee next to her at Starbucks at RT. True, completely insane, awesome story.

I was a PitchWars alternate in 2012, which led to some of the best friendships of my life, Molly Lee, Mindy Ruiz and Brenda Drake, so I completely understand the crazy process, the nerves, and the incessant refreshing of your inbox once subs go out. Both my primary mentee and my alternate mentee were offered representation on their MS’s from PitchWars, so hey, I’m feeling like I’m at a 100% success rate.

On a personal level? I’m a military wife to a smoking hot apache pilot. We have 6 kids (no seriously) who range in age of our oldest daughter at CU Boulder, through our four hockey-playing boys, all the way to our youngest daughter who has some pretty complicated special needs. We live in South West Colorado Springs with our gaggle of kids and our English Bulldog, who wakes up whenever he sees fit. Laziest dog EVER.

Who are my favorite authors?

Gena Showalter, JR Ward, Christine Feehan, Leisa Rayven, Michelle Valentine, Claire Contreras, Julie Garwood, Alessandra Torre, Jay Crownover, Gina Maxwell, Molly Lee, and countless others.

My favorite quote? “And now that you don’t have to be perfect, you can be good.”

Bonus points if you can tell me where that is from (it’s also my favorite book of ALL TIME)

Still want me as a mentor? Awesome. Let’s continue.

pw 4

So what am I looking for?

In both New Adult and Adult it usually comes down to one thing:

pw 10


Any Romance.

Contemporary Romance


Paranormal Romance

Heck, I’ll even look at historical!

Sci-fi? Sure, I can go for it.

GLBTQ? Absolutely.

Got that? Good. I want it.

pw 2

What am I not interested in?



High Fantasy

(Well…unless that High Fantasy is a HUGE romance…)

Videos of you washing your car.

If you have those…well…a better mentor direction might suit you.

PW 11

Basically, whatever you sub to me should have a strong romance at least as a subplot if not the main plot.


What turns me on?

Stephen Amell.

pw 6

Oh, wait. In writing? Right.

Good queries get me.

pw 13

What’s in a good query, you ask?

  1. Protagonist
  2. Goal (What they want)
  3. Conflict (What’s stopping them from what they want)
  4. Stakes (What’s at risk if they don’t get what they want)

Make me care, and I’m yours. 😉

In your manuscript:

Strong, well-written characters.

Clear, enchanting voice.

A plot that shows clear character development through a conflict.

Something I haven’t seen before.


What can you expect from me as a Mentor?

Hard work, a practiced eye, an open line of communication, my unbiased, blunt opinion.

I’m a really mean beta and a really nice person. Trust me, if you’re my mentee, you want the first option, because I can take just about any plot problem and basically kick its ass.

pw 12

Oh. And I swear sometimes.

pw 15

You’re catching me at the rarest time I’ve had in the last year: Between deadlines.

This means you’ll have just about ALL of my attention during the PitchWars process, and I’m dedicated to taking your manuscript and helping you make it the best possible version of your brilliance. And I’m not just in it for this one manuscript. I want you to become an even better writer. I want to set you up so the next manuscript you write will be even smoother because you’ll already be part-pro.


What am I looking for in a Mentee?

Hard work. If you’re not ready to rip apart your manuscript and polish until it shines like brilliant diamonds, then I’m not the mentor for you.

An open mind. I want a mentee who is ready for my assessment, trusts my judgement and experience and is open to discussing how to make their book better.

Someone who treats their social media like the jewel it is. That’s right. Advanced warning, I’ll be looking. Why? Because as a mentee, you’re a HUGE part of my life while we’re in PitchWars (and after, too), so I want to make sure we’re compatible, and you’re not hiding an inner rage monster that will eat me. Seriously, though.

Pw 14


So that’s it from me.

If I sound like your cup of tea, then absolutely I want your submission.

If I don’t, then I wish you the best of luck! PitchWars is an amazing organization built with volunteers who only want one thing: for YOU to succeed. That’s why we’re all here—to give back to the community that has given us all so much.

Oh yeah, did you want that secret letter?

pw 9

Let me help you out with that:


secret letter


Want to check out the other mentors? Clicky-clicky!!!

































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    Okay, so I was reading a newsletter from another au Thor and she mention a conversation you guys had in which character you would want to be from you books. YOUR reply Paxton from Wilder. Sounded funny and interesting,. BUT I CAN NOT FIND THEORY FANG BOOK.HELP!

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