The saga of the missing organ

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Ah yes, everyone loves a lortab fueled update from the Yarros household. 🙂 So for the past few weeks, I had been having pains directly beneath my rib cage. I really thought it was heartburn or some other indigestion. I guess I figured that my post-Brody weight gain had caught up to me and my body was telling me it was time to drop the “eat what you want” attitude. SOOOO wrong.

So, on Tuesday night, I get this lovely pain, except it’s not going away. Oh, quite the contrary. This pain has me on the bathroom floor, the living room floor, and the couch. Jason, being the awesome husband he is, has bought me pepto bismol, TUMS, and lactaid, just in case I developed some freak lactose intolerance. None of this is working, and I’m just about ready to claw through the floor. So, about midnight, I give up and drive myself to the Enterprise ER. Now, let’s not judge Jason for not taking me, and instead remember that we have 4 little boys sleeping upstairs, and it’s not nice to leave them home alone… 🙂

At the ER, they see me straight away (yes, I figured hell froze over), and then put me into one of those fabulous hospital gowns. Once the doctor gets around to me it takes him all of 5 seconds to tell me that 1. it’s not indigestion and 2. I’ll be needing surgery. My gallbladder had apparently decided that it no longer wanted to function. They keep me in the ER all night until the ultrasound tech and surgeons are there at 0600 and then finish up the tests they’ve had me doing all night. I will have you know that I’m not a big fan of drugs, but I have developed a healthy respect for the power of narcotics.

At 12:00, they removed my gallbladder. Now, I was asleep, so I don’t recall it taking twice as long as they promised, but Jason will be happy to tell you that. I feel pretty bad for my poor hubby that not only did they make us go over end-of-life stuff right before this common procedure, but then they didn’t keep him well-informed during the surgery. Poor guy. But they took such good care of me! Really, for all the crap that we give EMC, they were awesome, and professional and my room was big and generally kicked butt.

So now I have no gallbladder. Yes, I’ve done all the research and I know what this means. I have talked to my doctors, nurses and others who have had this done and I understand that my days of fatty foods are pretty much over unless I’d like to deal with the unpleasant repercussions. It means that there will be no fast food, no fried food, and if it’s not natural, then it had better scream “Low-Fat” on its label. It’s just a change.

No pity needed here. No more “you poor thing.” Rather than dwelling on all of the yummy mac & Cheese and bacon cheeseburgers I WON’T be eating, let’s look at all of the new discoveries I will be eating. Jason and I are taking this opportunity to get our family healthy, and start eating how we’ve always said we wanted to, but never found the time or reason to make it happen. I’ll be clearing out the junk and bringing in the healthy stuff that will make my body happy and an additional plus of making my waistline tinier. 🙂

So this hasn’t been pleasant. I have a lot of pain, soreness, fatigue, you name it. But it’s going to work out for the best and I’m not going to let it keep me down. Oh, and to all my friends, you guys are amazing! To Holly who kept my kids without knowing what the heck was going on, and then made it possible for Jason to go fly by helping me get my kids to bed. YOU ROCK. Katie, Laura, and Emilie for bringing food that I could actually eat, you guys are so amazing. Elli, those flowers make me smile every time I see them. To everyone else who has offered to help, you make me thankful to have you in my life. I am so blessed to be surrounded by such amazing friends.

Now, off I go to my Lortab induced sleep…..

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  1. Susie

    Thanks for posting a link to your blog on facebook! Getting a peak into your life is fantastic, and your writing style is charming. If you're interested, my blog is You may want to check out nutritional yeast. It's a strange, yellow powder that you can put on anything, and it tastes kind of cheesy. It's fat free, high in vitamin B12, a complete protein, and a lot of vegans use it as a cheese substitute, and since most cheese is high in fat, it could possibly work as an option for you. It tastes great on popcorn (which I imagine you have to air pop these days). I just made pesto with it instead of parmesan and honestly couldn't taste the difference. You can get it at any natural foods store (like whole foods), and it's usually available in bulk, and it's inexpensive, so you can try a small amount to see if you like it. If I come across any delicious low fat recipes, I'll send them your way.

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