Sams and the Swing-Set Debacle.

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Ok.  Now that I’ve spent one day fetching, two days (helping) building, and one day recovering, I’m ready to tell you all about the swing set and Sams Club.

Sigh.  Where to begin?

When we bought this house, one of the first things I said to Jason was, “We’re going to need a new swing-set; that thing is awful.”

This year, I told him we had to do it.

So, I thought middle-of-the-road set, just something more stable, and a little more fun for the boys.  Nothing too crazy.  But we stumble onto this huge, gorgeous swing-set online, and it’s pretty much the coolest thing I’ve ever seen that’s not at a school or playground.  But it’s super expensive and looks like it needs a small team to assemble, so I tell Jason to pick another one.  This is about how the conversation goes:

“Really, babe, pick another one, a smaller one.”

Pause.  “Nope, the guys here in the CP voted, and everyone says get the cool one.”

“Right… are the guys from the Company going to put it together?”

“Good point, but we’ll ask someone.”

“I’m just not sure one this big is a good idea.”

“But, but, what if this is what I say I want for father’s day?”

Yeah.  He pulled it, the trump card.  I’m amazed he didn’t whip out a puppy face and say, “but babe, I’m at war…”  Point made, we’ll buy the cool swing-set.  Our handy-man is too busy for a swing-set, so there goes strike one for this endeavor.

While I’m visiting in PA, Jason’s uncle offers to come up on his only free weekend, and my soon-to-be brother-in-law chimes in his offer too.  It’s penned in.  They have one weekend free, the last one in June, and we’re set for this monstrosity.

So I order swing-set, taking care to make sure it will be here in time.  After all, if it isn’t here, I have no one to put it together, and the chances of me making that happen alone are right up there with me constructing a space-worthy rocket.  Yeah, not happening.  I see the last possible day for delivery is the 28th, which is the day they’re coming up, so I click a piece of our bank-account away, and print out our confirmation:

The next week goes pretty happily.  I get confirmation that it’s shipped and all is well with my world.  Monday comes along, and I get an email that the delivery company has it, and that they’ll be calling in the next 24 hours to set up delivery.  Perfect!  24 hours comes and goes with no word (it’s now Tuesday, and our family is due here on Friday), so I call them up, no big deal.  Yeah, until they tell me they’ll have it delivered NEXT week.  They just won’t be in my area until then.

So, I swallow back my panic and explain the situation.  It’s supposed to be here by Friday.  It said so when I bought it, and if it doesn’t get put together this weekend, it will sit in boxes in my garage because Jason is deployed.  So rather than lose my head immediately, I ask what can be done.  Is there any way to pay extra to have it rushed here?  Is there another company that could bring it?  What are my options, because this HAS to get here.

He tells me that he guesses I could rent a u-haul and come get it myself from just west of Rochester.  (That’s over 3 hours away).  Yeah.  I don’t have a tow-hitch on my van, and U-haul refuses to rent for Ford Explorer’s (Jason’s car).  This does not make me happy.

So I call up Sams Club, where we made the purchase, and go through a first-level type and then a manager.  There’s nothing they can do.  Once it’s contracted for delivery its out of their hands.  They call the delivery company and then come back on the line with me.  Nope, I just have to wait until next week.  So I explain to them the situation, and the manager says, “I understand your frustration, but our hands are tied.”  All I’m thinking is, man… you give thousands of dollars in business to this delivery firm and you hold no sway?  Yikes.  Then he asks to speak to my husband who is the primary on our Sams membership… yeah, because I gave his name first when I set it up.  When I tell him that Jason’s in Afghanistan, and why do they need him, considering we paid cash for this, so it’s not like it’s on credit, he says he really should only speak to Jason.  Yeah, I’ll go ahead and have him use his 20 free minutes a day to call YOU.  Right.  After I express my displeasure, he offers me a $300 credit to have the set put together since it won’t be here when our family gets here, which makes me kind of giggle.  Lowes charges about $1K to have a set of comparable size put together.  Anyway, I ask again why it isn’t making it here when they said it would when I bought it.  The credit isn’t going to fix the real problem.  I don’t want money, I want the swing-set.  “Well, that’s just an estimate.  We can’t control what happens once it’s in delivery’s hands.”  Right.  If it’s just an estimate, then why on earth does it say in my order tracking that it will be here by Friday?

No answer, but he understands my frustration.  Yup.

Now I’m angry.

I call up Sams locally, who says they have no control over it either.  When I ask who sets up their display swing-sets (thinking I can hire them), I get the “I don’t know, someone from the company.”  So I explain the situation and ask if they have any suggestions to get it put together.  She says, “I suggest you put an ad on craigslist that says your husband’s deployed and you need someone to put it together.”

Really?  REALLY!?  Putting out a Craigslist ad that my husband isn’t here is exactly what I had in mind, but thank you for your helpful suggestion.

So, my uncle has a great idea.  Call a freight company like FedEx and see if they can have it delivered.  Excellent.  Before I call FedEx, I know I’m going to need a weight for the swing-set.  Back I go to Sams Club, on hold again.  I get customer service, and after giving him every piece of our personal info again, I can then get a weight on the delivery.  With the number in hand, I call up FedEx and find out it’s going to be about $252 to have it delivered to the house.  Score.  Done.  I schedule the shipment and hang up, feeling pretty victorious and settled. It’s going to be okay, our kids are going to get this fantastic, slightly guilt-ridden present from us.

Then I look over the release form I have to email to the “delivery” company in Rochester, and take a peek at the weight Sams gave me for the set.  Huh.  207 lbs.  At the time, I was only concentrating on the fact that the guy found the weight.  I even asked him twice to confirm.

207 lbs is the weight of a person, there’s no way it’s the weight of this swing-set.

I call back Sams Club AGAIN, and get a girl who profusely apologizes and says he only gave me the weight of the last box.  Yeah.  Total shipment is 794 lbs.  Sams Club is now 0 for 2 today.

I then call FedEx and find out it will be $572 to have it delivered to my house now that the weight has, oh, you know… quadrupled.  So I’m feeling pretty destroyed at the moment, because that’s just a bit more than we had in mind.  Even with the $300 credit from Sams, it’s another $272 to have it delivered.  UGH.  So the FedEx clerk hears my, um… concern, and says, “Why don’t you have the company pay for the delivery?” I told her that I figured Sams didn’t use FedEx, since they have those giant trucks and all.  She assured me that Sams had a corporate account that they use all the time, and using their discount would be cheaper than the amount they wanted to credit me.  I just have to get Sams to call and put it onto their account.

I’m now about 4 hours into this process and feeling pretty good!  There’s a solution!  There’s a way for everyone to get what they want, it costs less, and there’s no anger on either part!  Have to admit, I’m feeling like I just made peace in the Middle East and I’m ready to crow.  It’s all going to work out!

So I call back Sams, and ask for a manager to start with.  Here’s where I get cranky, folks.

She must have been having a bad day.  Every person at Sams I’d spoken to may have been unhelpful, but this woman was flat-out mean.  First, she asks me what’s going on, so I tell her, right down to the person who got the weight wrong and the FedEx fix solution.  Then she responds with a snarky laugh and, “That freight account is for internal use only.  There’s no way we’re going to use it for a member’s personal delivery.”  So my logic kicks in, and I remind her that it’s not a personal delivery, it’s a business transaction for merchandise I bought from them, which is not being delivered on time.  She responds with “It’s not going to happen.”  Okay.  I’m taking punches, but I’m not down for the count.  Not yet.   So I ask if this is for internal use only, can they send my swing-set internally to the Watertown Sams and I’ll pick it up there?  I could definitely manage that.

Nope.  Nada.  That’s against their store policy.

It’s against their own store policy to ship stuff to their stores…  Yeah.

So now I’m pretty cranky, and I’m telling her that this will cost less for their company than the credit they offered, and she says, “I can’t even be discussing this with you without the primary member.  Is he available?”  I say again, as I’ve told every other Sams person, that he’s in Afghanistan, and WHY does she need him? I’m on the account as a member as well, and if she pulls up the phone conversation where I set up the account before verifying it online, she’d see that I’m the one who set it up, and put his name first.  So she tells me that as far as she’s concerned, this matter is finished until she can talk to Jason.  Maybe I kind of lose it here.  I believe my exact words were, “As we’re speaking, he’s flying in Afghanistan.  So would you like me to give you his only 20 free minutes a day?  Can I have them patch you through to his headset?  Or can you take my power of attorney?”  She tells me that if I want to discuss this today, they’re going to need to talk to Jason.

Up until now, I’ve been annoyed, angry, upset, and have felt like they’re killing the cool thing we’re trying to give our kids, but now???  Now, I’m insulted, and I say something I never have in these 11 years of this life:  “If this is how you treat your service members, I’m disgusted.  You’re telling me you won’t take a power of attorney and you will only speak to my husband all because he’s listed first on our Sams membership?”

And she says, “Well, the purchase was made on his debit card.”  Oh, for the checking account that we SHARE, the one I have a Power of Attorney over?  Yeah.  She still won’t talk to me.

You.  Have.  Got.  To.  Be.  Kidding.  Me.

And now I’m on hold for another 10 minutes as she gets me HER manager.

So he comes on, and I go through the entire spiel again.  All of it.  He once again says they won’t use their FedEx freight account to send it, and there’s nothing he can do about it.  When I ask him what I’m supposed to do with a giant swing-set that isn’t going to be delivered on time, he (in the most condescending voice imaginable) says to me, “Well, maybe you need to think outside the box a little.”  This is where I snap.

 Now, please don’t judge me for the gracelessness I’m about to show.  I’ve had it up to HERE at this moment 4 1/2 hours into dealing with this, and I fire back, “Don’t talk to me in that tone of voice, or condescend me like I’m new to this.  It’s our 4th deployment in the last 11 years, and I’m well aware of how to think outside the box.  I made arrangements in the form of family driving from 4 hours away to think outside the box.  You people are screwing up my box by not doing what you said you would.”

He says, “It’s only an estimate, regardless of what the orders pending page says.”  Then he reminds me that they’ve credited the $300 and as far as he’s concerned, they’ve fulfilled their end of the deal.  This is over.

So I say, “So even though I’ve found a cheaper, easier way for you to do this, and everyone to be happy, you’re saying that you won’t help me.”

And he replies, “No, Ma’am, I’m not saying I won’t help you, I’m saying I can’t do what you’re asking me to.”


Then he tells me he is done with the conversation because what?  I’m not Jason.  So I cue up my computer, where I already have a scanned copy of Jason’s POA attached to a blank email, and tell him that I only need his email address and he’ll have it in his inbox in about 30 seconds.

Ready?  Ready??????

“That’s not going to help.  It takes us 72 hours to review powers of attorney, so it’s not going to work for this.”

Oh, now I’m LIVID.  “You’re telling me that in over a decade of war, I’m the first military wife to  call you that needs immediate assistance?  That you won’t even look at my husband’s POA, and by the time you “process it”, it will be too late for you to help me at all?  This is seriously how you treat your military members?”

“I’m saying that it takes 72 hours to review them, so it wouldn’t help for this.”

At this point, I’m kind of amazed I haven’t started throwing things.  This is a HUGE purchase for us.  It’s not like the military makes a ton of money, and we invested in Sams with the trust that they would deliver when they said they would.

So I ask for his manager.  Heck, I’ll go all the way to freaking corporate at this point, because I’m MAD.  Not mad that they won’t deliver it, well, that too… but mad that I’ve given them a way to fix it cheaper and they won’t.  Mad that they keep saying I’m not authorized to deal with this because I used Jason’s debit card to buy it (I’d lost mine, and a new one was in transit so Jason laughed and sent me the numbers), angry that Jason’s the only member they want to deal with because I asked them to make him primary when we signed up, and LIVID that they won’t bother to look at a military power of attorney for a soldier at war.

But then he says the one thing that pushes me so far over the edge that I’ve had it.  “I understand your frustration.”

No, dude.  No you don’t.  Unless you’re watching the light in your kids’ eyes die a little year after year when their dad leaves time and time again, and you’re fighting through your 4th deployment, and you make a HUGE purchase to make your kids smile, and coordinate family to come from out-of-state to assemble it, and someone is telling you “think outside the freaking box,” like you’re some kind of helpless, simple-minded damsel, because they won’t help fix the mistake they made…. yeah, you might understand that I’m frustrated, but you certainly don’t understand my frustration.  You can’t.  If you did, you’d be moving heaven and earth to fix it, or at least be sympathetic instead of stubborn, condescending, and generally snotty.  You know what goes a long way? Maybe an, “I’m sorry.”

When I ask to speak to his manager?

“This is it.  I’m as high as this is going, and as far as we’re concerned, we have fulfilled our end of this deal as well as compensated you for the late week.”

“So there’s no one else I can speak with?”

“No.  I’m it.”

Apparently, he is Sam.

He’s succeeded in making me the one thing I haven’t been… speechless.

So I tell him the only thing I can think of:  That I may be done with his call center, but he’d better bet I’m not done with corporate, and I can’t wait to hear everyone’s thoughts on his refusal to look at a Power of Attorney.

We milspouses tend to circle the wagons.  So I got his name, badge number, and took a few days to calm down before I posted outrageous swear-words on the blog.

Sams, if this is really your policy, refusing to speak to the spouses of deployed service members because it happens to be their spouse’s debit card, and they’re first on the membership, then you seriously need to reconsider your policy.  What you’re doing to ensure that your employees are transferred to other clubs if their spouses are military is awesome, but you could do a great deal by simply looking at a power of attorney, especially the standard military ones provided by JAG, and using a less condescending tone with us when we call.  Trust me, we spouses have enough stress on our plates without adding, “not-nice swing-set dealers” to the list.

You took something that was hectic and a little worrisome, but generally awesome, and turned it into a pure debacle that had me in tears of pure anger.  OVER A SWING SET.

Shame on you for treating your military families like second-citizens because some of us are old-fashioned enough to put our husbands first on a membership that we set up, and have the audacity to use a combined checking account to pay for something.  Shame on you for being unwilling to take the extra moment to forward a phone call further up the ladder.  I’ve talked to other military wives, and I’m not the only person who’s had this problem with you.  Ironically, I’m not the only person who’s had a problem with this exact swing-set not coming when you said it would, while you used the same excuse that you have no control over your carriers.  I would think this is relatively simple to fix: stop using that carrier.

Oh, and there’s a letter headed to your corporate office, but if they’re as helpful and considerate as your “customer-service” line?  Pretty sure I shouldn’t expect much.

As for my kids and their swing-set?  After Jason flipped out about how rude Sams was, he told me to spend the extra money and have it delivered by FedEx, so I scheduled it.

But no worries, when I posted on FB about the debacle going on?  Wives came out of the woodwork, and instead of FedEx, a good friend took me in her truck to Rochester on Thursday to pick up my monstrosity.  How’s that for thinking outside your box?  I guess I ended up doing what the delivery guy suggested in his snarky voice when this all first happened:

“Come and get it yourself.”

Don’t challenge us milspouses.  When the happiness of our kids is involved, we move mountains, and 800 pound swing-sets too.

***Quick Update, a full post to follow once I hear what their final decision is, but Sams Club has been in contact again today (7/5/13), apologized profusely, and refunded the full swing-set amount!  I’m stunned!!!  But more important than any money, is that they thanked me for the blog because it brought the POA problem to light, and they’re looking into their policy!****

113 Comments on “Sams and the Swing-Set Debacle.”

  1. Dixie Chick

    You should have cancelled your order and demanded a refund. You could also sue in small claims court for breach of contract, and sue for all the charges involved, of everyone's travel time, hotel expenses, etc. And everyone who's reading this should go to Twitter and share this on Facebook and whatever other social media they're on (I posted this to Sam's twitter account, but I did a Tiny URL to make the URL shorter so it would fit into however many characters you're allowed on Twitter.) I guarantee you that Sam's does not want to see this widely distributed. FWIW, one of the best ways (so I've heard) to get a company to deal with you, is post your disastrous experience on their Twitter feed. Also Yelp, etc. They have people who monitor social media and do damage control

    1. Roxanne

      YES! Dixie Chick is totally right. I'm headed to Twitter for you, babe. This kind of thing is sooooo not OK. everyone involved made a choice not to treat you like a human being, and not to have any compassion for a challenging situation (except the smartie at FedEx). Blessings to you guys — and may the swing set be a joy for your kids and not a hulking reminder of the occasional crumminess of humanity.

    2. Susan Lange

      I have posted this as well! People need to show Sams we expect better treatment For our Service Members and their families!

  2. Jen

    Actually, suing is not a good option for you. You would spend more suing than you would ever recover in a lawsuit. Social media is probably the best way to exact revenge… I'll be sharing this post!

    1. Conni Miller

      I heartily agree. Shared with with my many friends with many of them being military and military spouses. I am hoping this goes viral.

  3. Rebecca

    Honestly, I would never consider suing. It was atrocious to deal with them, but nothing worth that headache. I just really hope they change their POA policy and look at what's causing delivery problems. =)

    1. Mary Pruitt

      I hope they feel the loss of thousands of military families no longer shoppng with them. It's too late

  4. Lynn

    I am sharing this. Their behavior and attitude were certainly unacceptable for anyone and even less so for a military family. God Bless you all.

  5. Amanda

    I really hope you get to read this. I grew up a military kid, but was lucky that my dad retired before this horrible fighting started. I am so very grateful to you, your husband, and your family for what you are giving up to protect my freedoms. That being said, I have had a similar issue with their sister company of Wal-mart. I have 3 kids with special needs. Last Christmas was my youngest's first. My older two have a condition called Chiari Malformation. The bottom of the brain slipped out of the skull into spinal column. By this time my daughter, who is 3, had already had 3 brain surgeries. My son, who is 5, had 1. They both have continued issues, and we were waiting for a Jan 11th MRI for both of them. We were finding out if they were going to need more surgery. It was very stressful. I asked them what they wanted for Christmas, and they both told me a new bed. They had broken the last one, and we had them on a mattress due to the cost not being in our budget. This was not what I was thinking they were going to ask for, and it was going to tighten our budget, but I found one that wouldn't completly kill it, so I would be able to get some toys too. I order site to store, cause it is free, and I can get my hubby to help pick it up. It takes 4 times for us to get there with his id, and them still being open. I manage to get it in the car and take it home. I am so excited, I have the kids sleep in the living room to watch for Santa, and plan on moving them to their bed, in the new bed tent we got to make the bed a "fun" gift. I get them asleep and then I have my hubby get the box in their room. We pull it out, and as we are putting it together I find it has a missing piece. I start balling. Here I sit, waiting to find out if my kids are going to have another brain surgery. I pull myself together, lay out all the pieces I have, set the tent up on the mattress, and leave a note saying the elves forgot a piece. So December 26th I call and explain the situation. I ask if somewhere on the box with the new piece they can put Santa. Mail it to Santa, put a note with Santa, something. They said their is nothing they can do. I was very disappointed and figured I would have to slip another note in the box when it got here. So 6 weeks later. We had the MRI, no surgery needed, more tests needed, but for the moment we were good. I get a box. I am excited, I open it up, and it is the wrong piece. Again I call Walmart, and I am told that all I need to do is cart this crazy bed back to the store and they will give me a new bed. I am like yeah, I have 3 special needs kids, I am not lugging them to the store because you screwed up. So then they tell me fine we will send you a new one, then schedule a pick up for the old one. The next day UPS knocks. They are there to pick up the bed. I say I don't have a box for it, because they were supposed to send the new one first. They leave and say they will be back later after we get the new bed. 6 more weeks and I have a credit to my account for the bed. They are threatening to recharge my account if I don't give them the broken one, which I intend to do, but haven't been able to because I have 3 small kids with special needs. Needless to say after ruining my Christmas, I don't shop at Wal-Mart anymore. So you are not alone.

  6. Aradia

    This post needs to be shared with The Consumerist.I am SO sorry that you had this experience. I just want to give you a hug and an assembled swing-set.

  7. The Chic Geek

    While I hope there is never a "next time" this happens, I'll give you a little tip from having worked in customer service for over 10 years: tell them you've been in contact with their closest competitor (in this case, Costco). Demand a refund. The mentality is, unless a customer makes very specific threats, just stonewall them. I put my job on the line many times and moved whatever mountains I could to do the right thing for the customer, but sadly, that's a rare thing. Most will just follow the book. Ironic, that they told YOU to think outside the box when that is exactly what THEY should be doing.

  8. Adrian Slew

    Tweeted this out and made sure to @ Sam's Club..

  9. Shannon Darish

    Fellow mil spouse here, circling wagons as we speak. Sharing & asking all of my peeps to do the same.

  10. Celeste

    My sister and many friends are military spouses, and my best friend is a military mom! This is abhorrent!

  11. Rebecca

    !!!UPDATE!!!! – Just hung up the phone with Sam's Club, and they're looking into it! Out of everything that's happened, I just really want them to reexamine their POA policy and help the next spouse this happens to.

  12. Julie DeSot

    A friend shared your story; I am completely appalled. I appreciate your comments about not messing with us milspouses. We are similar to you….hubby's name first, joint accounts, POAs as needed, etc., and especially the thinking outside of the box…hello, that is an every day occurrence for us, whether or not they are deployed to a different country. Good for you to also continue working with the store and not backing down, especially since it may help a fellow milspouse in the future.

  13. Kiersten H.

    I am so utterly disgusted at this. I posted this link on my FB and on several FB groups. I can assure you I will never be getting a Sams Club membership again.

  14. Norah

    They're opening a new one here in Corpus Christi, a big military area…I posted on their main FB page that I was no longer excited for the new one and reposted your story. So sorry you had to go through that- and go through so many deployments!

  15. Thomas Schwartz

    Disgraceful. Then again, exactly what I'd expect from Walmart/Sam's Club. They don't give a damn about their own employees, or anyone else who isn't one of their filthy rich buddies. Stores like that put out of business your local mom and pop stores…..where you're likely to get personal service and a dedication to being part of the community.

  16. heather@it'stwinsanity

    I don't know what it is with deployments and swing sets, but I had a similarly nightmarish experience a few years ago. ( Hope they make it right and your kiddos get their swing set!

  17. Robin H.

    My husband (who works at Home Depot) said once it ships its out of their hands. I told him that's when a good merchant says "we'll ship you another one Fedex. Refuse the first when it arrives". Problem solved.

  18. TorreyLisa

    A fellow military wife shared this with a vow to head to Costco. I shared this post too. Looks like our military family won't be renewing our Sam's Club membership either. You handled this beautifully, if I may say so myself. I just hate that you had to handle any of it at all. (sighs)

  19. Elise Ronan

    Actually I am not sure how I found your blog but I am glad I did. I have never been so ashamed of how service families are treated. I am so glad that your children got their swingset. It looks amazing and I hope they enjoy it every day.As for your husband, I pray for his safety and for the safety of everyone of our precious men and women stationed overseas in harms way. I thank you and your family for your service to our nation. Thank you for keeping us safe and free. Happy Independence Day.

  20. mylifepartdos

    I came by this post through Emily at JoyfulAbode. I just wanted to say that I stand beside you. This is absolute ridiculousness. I have shared it on my Twitter and FB, and will not be renewing my membership with Sam's Club when it comes up. Thank you for all you do for your family, and for this country.

  21. Kimberly @ Red Shutters

    Just shared your story on Twitter. Heard about it from a friend on Facebook. Shame on Sam's Club.Thank you for the sacrifices your family makes for our country. Keeping your husband in my prayers.

  22. nettiemac

    Oh Em Gee. I wish I'd seen this 3 weeks ago when my Sam's renewal came up and I renewed. UGH!!!!!! I'm sharing. And getting a membership and Costco and just won't renew Sam's the next time. HORRID! HORRID! (PS: found you through a friend who is a milwife on FB)

    1. Jessica

      You should be able to cancel that membership that you renewed, and they should pro-rate it for you… at least, that's what you would be able to do at any respectable membership store.

  23. Jeremy

    This is a little shady, but I would dispute the charge on "Jason's debit card" and Deng ever taking delivery. If they would only speak with Jason then surely he is the only person they would release the product to…but how could they have done that when he was in Afghanistan?. Sorry you had to go through this. Given the opportunity I would gladly have volunteered to help put your swing set together.Many prayers for your husband's safe return. Thanks to him and all of your family for the sacrifice you make to keep my family safe.Jeremy.

  24. Liz

    Stumbled on your blog from a facebook posting of a friend! As a former Army wife, I am appalled by this treatment but not terribly surprised. I hope your children enjoy that swing set fully and hopefully there are no missing pieces to the swing set. I have found that to be the case on many items from Walmart/Sam's Club, missing pieces, horrible customer service.

  25. Origami Angel

    Another military spouse here…I hope you were able to get it assembled and that your guys are enjoying it so much! If you are anywhere near me at all, I will volunteer to come and help you set it up as I'm sure many others would as well. Hang in there, we've got your back!

  26. Stacy Cross

    also a milspouse and wont be renewing my membership either…actually i came upon your blog from another army wife who is in el paso texas…i am here at fort drum…lol…small world huh?

  27. summernot

    You could've threatened to file an FTC complaint. Sam's was obligated to deliver by the date they specified or notify her of the delay, giving her the option to cancel. If they fail to do that the FTC can fine them up to $10,000 per violation. Know your rights.

  28. CarFun

    Have you sent this story to the base commander? Maybe Sam's club should be on the off establishments list? Send that one to your local Sam's club and see what they say. Sad that NO ONE WOULD WORK WITH YOU! Send it to your local paper or news station. I am sorry you had such a negative experience and you went through so much to have a swing set delivered and setup. I applaud your restraint NOT to lose your temper! I hope this story gets shared a thousand times over!

  29. Susana Thompson

    I am not surprised at how Sam's Club treated you. Have been a milspouse for almost 18 yrs and have seen this happen to many spouses over that course of time. Needless to say… these stores are readily distributed near military bases and Sam's makes their $$ through us… I will share this blog to send a message to corporate. Hopefully changes are made to irradicate their unwillingness to help anyone who has paid for a service they said they would provide. In the meantime… I suggest using a competitor… my membership was cancelled with them many years ago and after reading this it appears that a change in their policies will only be accomplished through decreased business… resulting in their bottom $$ being affected.

  30. Dr Seuzz

    Are they still "looking into it"? Their brother company (not sister company) pulled some similar BS with the order and non-delivery on my daughter's desk for Xmas. You are doing the right thing by sharing this horrible incident on social media. I found your story in my Facebook feed. I wish you and your family the best.

  31. Caitlin G

    I'm so, so angry for you. I've had the same issues (although not QUITE that bad, thank God) while my husband was deployed. PLEASE update us if they do something about it after the fact. I'm sharing this on Facebook too!

  32. Jeanie

    We were just discussing becoming members of Sam's Club. Thank you for making my mind up. NO WAY will we be investing one cent in a membership there. EVER. That is hideous. On a side note-THANK YOU. Thank you to your husband for serving and protecting all of us. Thank you to you for holding down the fort and the family no matter how difficult it is to say good bye each time he leaves and Thank You to your precious children for loaning us their brave father to help keep our family safe!

    1. Anonymous

      I really heart this, thank you! They're his sacrifices, always, and our kids' too, but thank you nonetheless. And they're really looking at their policy high-up!

  33. deb

    Hi. I'm married to a USMC reservist, and I have had similar problems with other companies. Here are two names and addresses:Mr. William Simon (He is a USN Commander, retired)President and CEOWalmart US702 SW 8th StreetBentonville, Arkansas 72716Rosalind G. BrewerPresident and CEOSam's Club2101 S.E. 25th Street Bentonville, Arkansas 72712I would send a letter to both and CC each other. Send it by registered mail with delivery confirmation, and I suspect that you will get a rather quick response.Best of luck.Semper FidebI have shared your story on Twitter and FB, but you really need to send these letters.


    First of all, thank you and your entire family for the sacrifices you've made for us! Thank you for sharing your experience. We let our Sam's Club membership expire last fall and will not be renewing it thanks to your story.

  35. Colleen Wright

    Fellow aviator milspouse here. So sorry that they gave you so much grief! Way to stand strong! I hope they change their policies or at least lose sleep over the way they treated you 🙂 Praying for the safe return of your aviator and a bonus time slot so you can talk to him. Shared your story. Voted for your blog. Happy swinging on the new set!

    1. Anonymous

      Thanks, Colleen! Love me some Aviation! I'm so glad they're looking at their policy, it's not just milspouses this affects. Thanks for the prayers, they're always needed!

  36. Ray Trygstad

    I had a pollster call me recently and ask me if I had heard about Wal Mart's Veterans Welcome Home Commitment to hire returning veterans, and what did I think of it? I told them that I thought that those who had served our country deserved far better than a job at Wal Mart. As a Marine brat myself and a Naval Aviator retiree with the best military spouse ever, I know what folks go though when their spouses deploy. I thank you for your support that makes your husband's service possible, and thank you for sharing this story. I only have to drive five minutes further to get to Costco so when my Sam's membership runs out this has solidified my determination to switch over. Bless you and I hope your kids love the swingset!

  37. wldrose

    Thank you for posting this and I am so sorry you went though this. I was going to get a sams club card because its the main big box store where I go camping but you have nixxed that. Every deserves better treatment than that but the dam cold heartedness of what they did and the smug way they treated you shows how lousy they are. I will keep you and yours in the light and I hope the rest of the summer is easier

  38. 99af08e0-e4eb-11e2-9bdf-000bcdca4d7a

    Their attitude was pretty bad, but managers are in place to uphold policies. Though they maybe have been rude, you can't be angry at them for upholding their policies.

    1. Amy Jones

      Managers are in place to fix problems for customers and to direct employees. They have a responsibility to uphold policies, but if the policy doesn't serve the customer (obviously within reason) then the manager should (and typically does) have the ability and responsibility to make an exception to policies to make sure the customer gets what they paid for. If their policy means that they are unable to deliver what they said they would deliver, then there is A manager somewhere in the company that is able to fix that mistake. If there truly is, "no one higher up", then someone did not do their job. And yes, it is reasonable to be angry at a company, and the managers at the company, for not following through on what they promised to do.

    2. Anonymous

      Thanks, Amy. Honestly, it's just a bad policy regarding the POA. I'm so glad they're looking into it.

  39. SilverWings

    If I had $1 for every time someone's said they can't speak to me and need to speak to my husband instead, I could rival the Donald! Even military entities have refused to even look at the POA my husband had drafted at Legal. This was 20 yrs ago; You'd think places would be better about it by now. Don't they realize it's mostly the spouse who opens accounts and does the research for buying from them? I already refuse to patronize W-M and Sam's Club because of their abuse of employees. This is some pretty fondant decor for that cake. I'm so glad you got it sorted in the end and especially since you got such wonderful help from the underground railroad of military family network.

    1. Anonymous

      I really think Sams is reviewing their policy, and it wasn't really the store's fault as much as it was their POA policy and 3rd party call center. It's all peachy now!

  40. Cheryl Harris

    Thank you and your family for your sacrifices, and hopefully a good 'ole fashioned public shaming does the trick.

    1. Anonymous

      I promise they're his sacrifices (and our kids'), but thank you! My job is just to keep everyone alive while he's gone. 😉

  41. Carolyn Brodeur

    I had a similar POA issue when my husband was deployed. His debit card number had somehow been stolen while he was overseas. Unauthorized charges were made to our JOINT bank account totalling $2,000. They said it would take time to approve the POA and all they could do until then was put a fraud alert on the card until they could either speak with him or verify the POA, this apparently was their bank's policy. I told them it couldn't wait that long, I was fairly certain that more money was going leave the account.Ultimately, I learned that you can call 1-800 numbers for free from SKYPE (I think Google Hangouts lets you do this too). I called the 1-800 number first and explained that I was on skype, and then conference called my husband on his skype account. He gave authorized them to cancel his card, and got an email address and sent them an email authorizing me to handle any further issues. Things went much better from then on.

    1. Anonymous

      Glad you got it solved! I totally understand review on debit cards where finances are involved, but YIKES! Jason offered to call that night once he had down time, but I told him I'd rather he get rest, and I'd fix the problem. We drove to get it, so hey! It all worked out!

  42. Christine Merkel

    My husband just deployed and you have reminded me of some old horror stories that I had obviously suppressed. Been there done that thanks I will be prepared. I knew there was a reason I no longer shopped at SAMS and avoid WM at all costs. The POA thing is not just limited to them though. I remember being in Germany trying to purchase a vehicle form a dealer that was geared towards military families – right out side the gate you know- My husband and I had picked out which vehicle we wanted just before he deployed and he left me to do the paperwork- same deal – Joint accounts – POA etc but they refused to sell to me until I had gotten a specific power of attorney for that one transaction. BUT frankly that was not what really ticked me off, it was as I was going through the rounds with them at one point I asked "so you mean to tell me that if I as a military spouse came to you with CASH you would still refuse to sell the car to me unless I had my husband's specific POA"….."yes". I have never forgotten this and then had that chauvinistic discriminatory experience again at a Toyota dealership in Indianapolis just last year (13 years later). Again we are separated but WE are car shopping ( internet and smart phone make the separated life SOOO much easier these days) it is just that I am the only one physically there. The sales man comes out and the first thing he does is not even to humor me no "who is the breadwinner in the family?" …I could have lied but I don't because that whole honor thing runs deep in a military family. I have a job too and frankly I run the budget with an iron fist necessary to live on a military salary , so I am the one who makes sure we have money for down/monthly payments etc, besides, we are a partnership we have a joint checking account. I say that my husband is the main breadwinner and we are shopping but that he is super busy serving the nation and all that so I am doing the initial leg work. The dealer won't give me the time of day after that. Oh we buy the Prius C that I wanted to test drive but we go to a dealer much further away to do so – one that happily dealt with me. I think that many corporations would be wise to educate themselves about the power of the milspouse in the family. Who do they think holds the fort down and keeps everything ship shape back on the home front? They just are clueless.

    1. Richard L. Kent, Esq. (MichiganSilverback at gmail dot com)

      I grew up in a military family (Air Force). Two years before I was born, my mom and dad bought a car in Texas, the infamous Kent '59 Station Wagon that was part of family stories for the next 20 years… anyway, the day they went in to close the deal, the dealer took out a piece of paper that explained WHILE MY DAD WAS SITTING THERE to my mother (college educated, 150+ IQ) that she was making a loan, that the loan had such and such interest, and that she was required to make payments once a month, or she'd lose the car, all in language suitable for a five year old. My mom (who did not suffer fools AT ALL, much less gladly!) ripped him a new one asking him why he was being so unbelievably arrogant. "Sorry, Ma'am, this is Texas state law. The state assumes that the wife is illiterate."Old story. Both ways.

    2. Anonymous

      Richard, that's hilarious.Christine, YIKES! I understand specific POA's for cars, and houses (I used to be an Escrow Officer in Colorado), but needing 72 hours to review a POA on a Sam's membership that I'm a joint holder to??? That blew me away. I'm so glad they're looking at their POA policy so this doesn't happen to another spouse whose husband isn't readily available.

  43. Mary Meyer

    My husband is leaving next month for his second deployment. Posting this on Facebook and Twitter ASAP!

  44. Krikit

    Helping to share this story!As a veteran and former milspouse, I can completely understand your frustration, and am SO sorry you were put though this!May Sam's CLub FEEL THE HEAT from this fiasco!!

  45. Joe

    Living in England (Hello btw) I can only imagine it's like speaking to BT customer service.If only there was a way of punching people down the telephone line!!

  46. Deacon Tom Lang

    We have been considering Sam's Club v. Costco. This just made the decision to go with Costco very, very easy!

  47. brandybmw

    #1 – I would insist on a complete refund of all charges if they treated me like this. They did not fulfill their end of the deal. You paid for that swingset to be delivered by the 28th, and that is what you should have gotten.#2 – Call them back and talk in your deepest voice and say that you are your husband. You probably know his SSN and birthday. How dare they insult you and say you sound like a girl! You were just born with a high voice! I am not kidding, if they made that big a deal about it I would do this.#3 – Glad this is going around on social media. I hate Sam's Club anyway but this is more reason never to shop there. I hope that you do get some sort of compensation for your trouble! I know you spent a LOT of money on that swingset! You should have been treated SOOOO much better than that. Sam's Club does not deserve your money.

    1. michelle jablonowski

      I use my husbands name all the time to deal with his business – all bank calls, insurance calls etc. I just initially say this is Mike P—– and fill in what information they ask for to verify identity – no one dares question my voice nor do I change it

  48. Julie

    I saw this on someone else's wall. I was debating if I wanted to renew my Sam's membership, you just help me make up my mind. Military or not, treating anyone like this is wrong. It's more insulting that you are a military family.

  49. J.S. Wayne

    This is beyond unbelievable. Posted this on Twitter and am passing it around my social network. Sending thoughts and prayers for your husband's, and all service members', safe return and for you and your family. As a USAF veteran, I'm disgusted they would treat anyone this way, but especially a military family. I can assure you I'll be taking my business elsewhere.Be strong, and God bless and keep you and yours.Best,J.S. Wayne

  50. scrapaholicaef

    When they ask for my husband I tell them "speaking" they say aren't you a woman? MY answer I have throat cancer now what can I do to help you because you are rude! Hey it works for me. LOL

  51. Anonymous

    ***Quick Update, a full post to follow once I hear what their final decision is, but Sams Club has been in contact, apologized profusely, and refunded the full swing-set amount! I'm stunned!!! But more important than any money, is that they thanked me for the blog because it brought the POA problem to light, and they're looking into their policy!****

    1. Cam Wollner

      That's great! I was hoping there'd be news like this because they're telling everyone on facebook that they're addressing the problem so I was hoping that meant they'd contacted you!

    2. soozenw

      I tweeted about this this morning, and received a reply from Sam's Club that they were working with you to rectify the problem and to make sure that it never happens again. So glad it is getting worked out!

    3. Kelly Mashburn

      That is beyond fantastic!!! I started posting your blog all over their page for the world to see, also! And than many others who also saw your blog did the same! You deserve that and compensation for your gas to go get the dang thing! Happy Day that they're taking steps in the right direction! They may even make sure their policy for military spouses is dramatically changed because of this… It's all because of you! Thank you!!

  52. Richard L. Kent, Esq. (MichiganSilverback at gmail dot com)

    Most solo or small law firms would have made the call (and scared the hell out of 'em) for $50 max, probably for free.Good on you. Sorry they screwed you so. And thank you and your husband for protecting us.

    1. Anonymous

      I honestly never considered a lawyer. I guess it didn't feel that drastic to me, LOL! When it came down to the end, I drove with a friend to go get it, and it worked out. I even took the delivery company cake pops, because hey, maybe they were just feeling ornery that day.

  53. Richard L. Kent, Esq. (MichiganSilverback at gmail dot com)

    and refunded the full swing-set amount!>>> AWESOME!!!!!

  54. C.A.K. of 'Not So Silent'

    Yeah on your full refund. But this in no way fixes the fact that these big corporations keep thinking they can treat customers this way. Seems to me that the only reason for the refund was because they saw a great beast growing because of this going viral. I know several of my friends shared on their facebook pages today after I shared. Blessings to you and your family I hope your children are enjoying their swing set and that this makes improvements that make a difference.~ Christy

    1. Anonymous

      I really think they're looking at their POA policy and will hopefully decide to treat both members on the account equally! =)

  55. Dami

    So as I write this, I am standing on the bridge of a US Navy ship, forward-deployed in Singapore. Yeah, Im one of those deployed husbands. What. the. fuck. Sam.I'm glad corporate is reviewing their policy. I'm glad they are refunding you the entire cost of the swingset. I'm beyond glad, I'm thrilled. This isn't recompensation though. This isn't fixing your problem, and this certainly isn't helping the next less tenacious (compliment) customer, let alone next milspouse. This is flat out (early) damage control of a tinderbox waiting to go up. This went to twitter- and the news agencies watch twitter like a hawk. Kevin Smith, a (rotund) movie director got kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight for being too fat to fly. He's big but not THAT big. He got off the plane, and sat down in the lobby. He pulled out his phone and started to tweet. Within the hour, a SW manager (whatever highest rank they have on duty) had found him in the lobby, recomped him his full ticket, and offered to get him out on the next flight- "just stop posting on twitter." That doesn't help the teenaged girl that also got kicked off with him. Of course the news agencies ran with the KS story for a day or two. Most people forgot about it, it's been a few years now. Kevin Smith doesnt fly SW now. A good percentage of his fans don't either. Neither does that girl, who didnt even get a free flight. That percentage translates to cash. Less sales.No matter what Sams gives you, to make you feel better- remember they aren't doing it because they wronged you- theyre doing it because you posted here. You posted on twitter. You were tenacious and had a voice. You weren't that girl on the plane.Godspeed to your husband,Aric

    1. Anonymous

      Godspeed to you and yours, Aric! I'm really glad they're reviewing their POA policy so every spouse who doesn't have the other member readily available can have instant help. I really think they're trying to change the way they handle situations like this. Stay safe!

  56. M.K.

    HA!!!! You Go Girl! I loathe attitude like that on the phone from Sams/WalMart/AT&T/Verizon … you fill in the blank. I'm gonna to share this on FB AGAIN, and be sure to tag all my military wife friends 🙂

    1. Richard L. Kent, Esq. (MichiganSilverback at gmail dot com)

      "Hullo, maaye naayme ees David, haooo may I heeelp yooo toooday wit yur eeenternet prooooblem?"

  57. Hanna

    It was amazing to see a community go to FB with such strong feelings toward helping make deployments easier for families. This being our first we haven't had many problems but I am glad to know that companies can be "shown" their policies are lacking when it comes to supporting our men and women service members. Thank you so much for the blog and helping many other military families have an easier time! You rock mama!

  58. Jamie Jo

    Wow, next time my kids oooh and ahhhh over that dumb swing set in the store that they can't play on because it's up in the air, I'm going to be reminded of this story and add another reason not to buy it. So sorry this happened to you. Happy Sam's Club is fixing it!

  59. Enyea Var-Govna

    Same type of crummy customer service (not much service really) happened to my folks at Best Buy and Wal-Mart. Managers at Huge companies like these just do not care enough to fix the big things. Even if it's not that hard to do.

  60. Andre Fontanelle

    You are awesome. Your little blog changed their policy and maybe even the way their employees will respond in the future. So, nice to see the corporate office knows bad PR when they see it even when their employees are too narrow to figure it out for themselves. The effect you had on those employees will make them think twice about how they treat other military families. In short, your due diligence and persistence has made it easier for others like you and they may not even know who to thank. So, Thank you for all of us.

  61. Bonnie H.

    So many companies pull this kind of crap with the POAs. Jerks. Glad to hear Sam's Club has tried to fix the damage :)As for the rest of the people you've had to deal with up until the apology… what assholes. 😉

  62. C. G. Burns

    Good for you! Stories like this are why I'm loyal to Costco and avoid WM/Sam's like the plague.

  63. Kelly Hamilton

    You go girl! Awesome job — my kids have called me "Momma Kick Ass" for many years but I pale in comparison to you! Thanks so much for the sacrifices you make every day so we can live in the greatest country on Earth (even if Customer Service IS a lost art). . .you are a ROCKSTAR!

    1. Anonymous

      Thank you so much! I promise, they're HIS sacrifices, and our kids. I just keep everybody alive until he can get home. 😉

  64. Djent

    I dont think you should feel like you have some special right because youre a military wife.What makes you any better than someone whos husband works away from home?I feel like youre on some sort of high horse, and think that youre special in some way.From what i read, the company took all the measures they can take in your situation.If you had instead decided to purchase this more than one week in advance, maybe the shipping wouldnt have been an issue.

    1. Anonymous

      Hi there! Honestly, it's not really a feeling of entitlement, I promise. And I'm not different from any other wife who's husband leaves for a year at a time, without a doubt. Sure, my worry is a bit more when he's being shot at, but the day-to-day functions are the same. My problem wasn't even that it wasn't here (after all, I drove to get it), sure, that's where it started, but mostly it was the policy that they would only speak with my husband even though we're both on the membership and I had a POA. It's a bad policy to wait 72 hours to review a standard POA, and that isn't just for military families. We actually bought it 3 weeks in advance, because I didn't want to have it sit, so when my family volunteered that weekend, I jumped on the chance. If it appears entitled, I'm sorry, but I promise, it was mostly about their POA policy (which they're looking at changing).

  65. Jonathan

    1: No delivery date on a website is ever concrete — especially for large, heavy items that require special delivery. You didn't order a coffee maker that is just like 10,000 others. You ordered something that the average consumer could not go and retrieve, so you ARE at the mercy of the delivery company. Furthermore, you could have kept the thing disassembled until your family members were able to make it back. 2: Powers of Attorney are legal documents. Store managers are not lawyers, and their bosses don't want to be sued by people who were obligated to a debt or an agreement to which they gave no effective legal consent. Store managers are not allowed to make those decisions, because they can become very costly decisions. That is not atypical.3: They tried to help you, but they couldn't. Do you expect them to lose money on a transaction simply because their estimated delivery time didn't mesh with your timeline? You know how businesses stay in business, right? Profit margins v. costs, etc., right? I bet you didn't have to pay for shipping on the original transaction. Did you? Your lack of preparation does not constitute their emergency.

    1. Anonymous

      Hi there! Totally agree, and if I had realized it was only an estimate, I wouldn't have purchased it. This was the only time my family was available this summer, and we looked at hiring the job out. In regards to the POA, I agree, they are legal documents. However, when dealing with a standard JAG power of attorney, they are just that… Standard, and just about every soldier gets one when deployed. It would be an easy thing to approve a general JAG POA and say it's acceptable by reviewing only signature and notary seal. I'm just happy they're looking at the policy.

  66. Melissa E.

    I read through your whole blog and I'm curious as to why, if this was something you and your husband had intended to do when you first bought the house, you decided to wait until the last possible minute before his deployment to buy it? Also, why is it that because you're a military wife, you think the company has to bend over backwards to cater to your every whim? I work in customer service and that's something I deal with on a daily basis – people aren't happy because we don't do what THEY want. Guess what – companies have rules, and it doesn't matter if you're the Queen of England – they have to be followed. The company I work for has the same policy as Sam's Club in that we don't talk to ANYONE but the account holder unless there's notations on the account stating the account holder gave prior authorization for us to speak with that person in the first place. And why is that? Because we're dealing with OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY. Here's a scenario for you – let's say John Doe and his wife are in the middle of a messy divorce and she calls to cancel the card or max it out. Do you think that's okay? Nope! But it happens and that's why companies implement that policy. If someone calls claiming the account holder died, we STILL have to ask for a copy of a death certificate or an obituary as proof. Just like Sam's Club, that can take up to 72 BUSINESS HOURS to process. It's standard for a lot of businesses. Also, once a package leaves our warehouse, we don't have control over it, either. A friend of mine runs her own jewelry business and she JUST found out her postal carrier had been stealing packages from everyone in the neighborhood since last year, even after she and her neighbors complained to the postal service that packages, cards, and checks were lost. She's getting reimbursed for it now, but it's taking some time.I'm glad that the situation got sorted out in the end, but quite frankly, I was so disgusted by your attitude of entitlement. Your husband's service to this country is greatly appreciated, but you sound like a brat.

    1. The Grand Guru

      I completely agree with you! As you say, store associates have absolutely no control over online sales and shipping processes. This entire gripe should be written about the shipping company, not Sam's Club. ALL shipping companies occasionally mess up and don't deliver things on time. It's part of life, deal with it!

    2. Anonymous

      Hi there! Sorry if it sounds bratty, as far as that goes, I try really hard not to be. Yes, my issues were with the POA policy. Because JAG POA's are standard, there's one form, one signature, one notary. I worked in Title for 6 years, so I know how easy they are to glance at and approve because General POA's are standard. But only dealing with my husband, because he's first on the account, when there's no finances involved because we paid cash was just… unacceptable to me? It could easily happen to any other spouse who's husband works away from home. We're both on the account, and are joint holders to the checking account, so I couldn't understand why he was better to speak with than me. As for why we waited? First, we had to save the money for it; it's not cheap, and try like heck not to use our credit cards. Second, once my uncle locked down a weekend he could be here (the only weekend this summer), I immediately bought it. If I had realized it wouldn't be here in time, I would have bought from a local source. I never intended for any of this (or the hoopla that followed) to happen. I ended up going myself to get it, which turned out fine. As for entitlement? I suppose I do think everyone is entitled to kind service, and a genuine want to help. Being a military spouse doesn't change that, it only complicates our situation at times. I'm genuinely ecstatic that they're looking at their POA policy so that this will happen less to those of us whose spouses aren't readily available. As for what happened to your friend and her jewelry? That's just plain awful, and I'm so glad she's getting reimbursed!

    3. liberal army wife

      A brat?? no, a rightfully pissed off woman – whose POA was being disregarded, who is JOINT HOLDER of the account (therefore, is entitled to ALL PRIVILEGES of said account) your "thanks to your husband for his service" doesn't take into account HER service. If you haven't been on this side of the fence, I respectfully suggest you swallow your nasty attitude. Corporate America needs to remember what service is, what a JOINT account means. The delivery company was wrong, SAMS and WalMart are corporate bullies and don't expect anyone to stand up and face them down. kudos to her for doing so.

  67. Katharine B.

    I am a military wife of 11 years and must say, I am totally embarrassed by your entitlement complex. You should have canceled the order when things weren't going your way. This drama and smear campaign against Sam's is completely ridiculous.

    1. Anonymous

      Hi there Katharine! You know, you're right about cancelling. I totally thought about it, but I knew this was the set my hubs wanted for the boys, and if he couldn't be here, then I was going to get them the set he picked out. As for entitlement, geeze, if it came out that way, I'm dreadfully sorry. I think every person that holds a joint account on anything should be entitled to service, especially when it's only a membership to SAMS. I was disgusted by their POA policy. You and I both know about standard JAG POA's, and they're super simple to approve for the general. As for Sams, they've been nothing but kind since, and they're reviewing their policy so that it's easier to help ALL spouses who don't have the ability to have their husbands call immediately. I totally understand that they're bound by rules, but sometimes the rules are wrong, and need to be reexamined. In the end, I drove to go get it, and it all worked out (stressfully) but beautifully, and that was before this hoopla started. I've already told Sams that I was over it the minute it was up and finished, and that the only thing I would want them to do is examine what rights members have in the placement of their names on a membership. Thanks!

    2. liberal army wife

      entitlement complex??? wow. thanks for all your support of military spouses. from a milspouse of 35 years.

  68. Jenn M.

    I worked for Sam's Club for many, many years before leaving to stay at home with my baby. It has been a few years since I have been associated with them, but I was embarrassed for the company after reading your blog. Sadly you had to deal with managers that obviously do not follow the core beliefs of the company. I know what I would have done, and what phone calls I would have made, to make sure you were completely satisfied (whether it was a $1,000 swing set or a $10 package of meat). You should feel entitled to superior service, you pay a fee to make purchases after all. And I am really confused as to why they would not talk to you, POA or not… you are on the membership! I am glad they tried to right the wrong, just really sad that it went as far as it did.

  69. Hilary Kimbel

    Thanks for sharing this! I have been looking for good swing sets in Michigan… My kids would totally love one for Christmas!

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