Settling In

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Ah, reintegration.  Sigh. You know the ads on TV, like the superbowl ad, where the soldiers come home and there’s a giant parade, and everything is picture-perfect from the second they walk through the door?  For those of you who think that is a normal homecoming… Real life, real reintegration is not like that. You know what I want to … Read More

Update to Bombshell in Progress: Homecoming Numbers

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So everyone seems to be asking me, “how much weight did lose while he was gone?” That’s something I usually own up to, but it can be hard.  Why?  Because when I think about the amount of weight I dropped during this deployment, I also have to acknowledge that I allowed myself to put it on in the first place. … Read More

He’s Home!

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First off, a huge thanks to Ginger Lashley (Gypsy Thorn Photography) for not only capturing our Deployment pictures, but coming back and taking nearly all of these pictures as well.  She is a gift I’ll never have enough words of thanks for. Second, our social worker confirmed that I can post pics of Princess Pumpkin, just not her full face.  Whoop! … Read More

Homecoming Hyperventilation

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Wow. Just… wow.  I think we might make it.  We might actually survive this deployment and live to tell the tales.  Well, the worthwhile tales at least.  We’re close.  No, I’m not telling you when, I’m not “that” wife, but we’re so close that the milk won’t expire, and I should probably at least locate a razor for my legs. … Read More

Eight Months In.

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First off, let me just say that today is the third day in the last two weeks that no one has had a fever or thrown up.  I declare this a victory even as I’m knocking on the wood bookcase next to me. Plague, be gone!!!! Or at least, I hope it is.  Any more of this crud and I’m … Read More

And that’s why there haven’t been new blogs…

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Okay, so I seriously have about half a dozen awesome blogs started… started.  Why?  Because I can’t seem to find the time to finish them.  I feel like this insane plate-spinner. Except there’s not just one plate spinning.  No…  there’s like, 14,264,589 plates spinning, and I’m struggling to keep up with them. Right.   The last few months have been amazing, … Read More

6 months in

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Something crazy happened this last week: We hit the 6 month mark. 6 months in, but there’s still three to go. I honestly can’t decide how to feel about it.  I mean, maybe if I had time to think about it, I would, but I don’t.  This last month went by so fast I caught whiplash, and left me seriously … Read More

Who are you calling a Dirty Girl?

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Man, I’m so behind keeping this up-to-date on fun stuff. I swear.  As of today, we’ve had Princess Pumpkin two weeks and a day. What’s funny about life, is that you can have this plan, and this routine, and everything under control, and then it all just… changes.  So if you tell your life your plan, basically: And while I’m … Read More

There are days…

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I wonder sometimes, as I type out gnome-blogs, insert funny gifs, tell stories, if I forget to say that some days this is not okay.  None of this is okay. There are days when I’m pretty sure that this deployment is going to break me down and shred me.  There’s not much funny I can say about that, no clever … Read More

The Return of Running Woman

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Phew.  Labor Day weekend has come and gone, but I totally have to fill you in. If you don’t know who Running Woman is, you might need a crash course to understand this little entry.  I met her at the perfect time when we had just moved here prior to our third deployment, and she was my rock.  She helped … Read More