Pucking Mess of a PCS: (Vol. 1) Orders.

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Man, how I have missed this blog. Seriously. I love having my dream job, and writing books, but for the last couple of months, I’ve had to learn to do things differently, since I was writing under a deadline… which pretty much looks like this: So I crawl out of the Drafting / Revising Cave, and I get a spontaneous … Read More

I. Will. Not. Hermit. Through. Deployment.

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Okay, peeps.  This little blog got nominated again this year for Military Mom Blog of the Year!  How cool is that?  You can vote once a day, every day for the next 19 days!  Just, you know, click on the “vote for me” button there on the right…  >>>>>>>>>>> 19 days is a super long time to vote, so I’ll … Read More

Hometown Glory.

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So, I was working on this funny post, about summer, and how unlike most moms, I actually kind of hate it.  I’m nailing .gifs, and soaring along, and then I just stopped, and can’t seem to find my funny bone. My hometown is on fire. Again. Almost exactly one year ago, I watched in horror as the Waldo Canyon Fire … Read More

Overwhelmed by the response.

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I had a different post planned for today, and I’m sure I’ll get around to it, but it felt wrong not to acknowledge the amazing things that have happened since last week. About seven weeks ago, I wrote a letter to my little boys.  Why?  Because I’ve been terrified to see the world they’re growing up in, the callous way … Read More

What Not to Ask a Military Wife

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While sitting in the waiting room at the Children’s hospital this week, another mom heard Jason and I talking while we waited for Brody to come out of anesthesia. I’m reading, and Jason is doing his best not to lose it because Brody’s been under 2 hours longer than they said he would.  The conversation goes like this: Mom: “Oh, … Read More

Acts of Kindness

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Yesterday, I had my heart broken.  Unless you know us in real life, a little known fact about my husband and I is that we’re trying to adopt a little girl.  We’ve been trying now for 18 months through the foster system.  Why?  Because I’ve always felt that if everyone who had the love in their heart and financial security, … Read More

Dear Boys, we protect those who are smaller.

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I almost didn’t write this for the fear of any backlash, but as the mother of four little boys, I just have to say something. Rape Culture. Good Lord, have I had it with that term being spread around like it’s the new “it” thing to discuss, like rape is a new phenomenon just now deemed newsworthy.  But the truth … Read More

Make the darn rocket ship.

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First off, I have to say THANK YOU.  My last blog post, Letter to the War-Weary Wife was read over 4500 times, and you guys just stun me.  STUN ME.  To everyone who read it, shared it, thought about it, thank you, and I hope it brought you the same peace it brought me. Now onto today’s little rambling: Yesterday, … Read More

Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle… I work out. Or not.

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Yes!  The time has FINALLY arrived!  When we got the scheduled date for the battalion farewell ball, the phones started ringing. This is one of my favorite military functions. Where else do I get to see my husband all dressed up in those blues?  The man is sexy.  What?  He is.  😉 Want to see why we love farewell balls? … Read More

Come Hell or High Water

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When we were stationed at Rucker, a good friend of mine had a slight crisis of career.  She had one she wanted to keep, and it wasn’t helping matters that they were PCS’ing… again.  She asked when do we, as spouses, get to finally have something of our own, when do we get to decide our own lives.  My answer: … Read More