The Dirty “P” word: A.K.A. How we schooled our kid.

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Okay, so this actually occurred 3 weeks ago, since I spent the last week in writers conferences between Nashville and Las Vegas…  😉 Sigh. Does life ever really slow down when you’re raising kids? Let alone 5 of them? Yeah, I’m starting to think not.  It seems like less and less domestic perfection, and more… well… managed chaos?  Yeah, we’ll … Read More

Overwhelmed by the response.

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I had a different post planned for today, and I’m sure I’ll get around to it, but it felt wrong not to acknowledge the amazing things that have happened since last week. About seven weeks ago, I wrote a letter to my little boys.  Why?  Because I’ve been terrified to see the world they’re growing up in, the callous way … Read More

The kids are NOT all right.

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You hear it time and time again, the resiliency of the military child is astounding.  They truly are works of art, forged in the fires of constant PCS’s and Deployments.  So many times we defend our lifestyle, and we tell those who attack it that our children are strong, adaptable, and that “r” word… resilient.  And they are.  I grew … Read More

What do you want for dinner?

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Oh yes, it has been one of those days. You stay-at-home moms know what I’m talking about. One of those days where I could put the kids in daycare and not look back while I go and find someone over the age of 7 to have a conversation with. Here’s just a glimpse… Brody has declined his afternoon nap, which … Read More