And this year… I’ll be better. Right?

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School is almost in session. Right? Seriously, when we took the boys school supply shopping yesterday, This was what ran through my head: It’s almost as great as Christmas, except the gift I’m getting is TIME. It also seems like this last week, which is the last of this summer, the boys are a wee bit insane. Okay, more like … Read More

I freaking hate summer.

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First off, welcome to the month where I go nuts trying to blog every day in hopes you guys will click the link above, or THIS one and “heart” me for The Only Girl Among Boys.  Pretty please? Sigh. Man, I know I should never commit to a blog every day without being supplied with copious amounts of wine and … Read More

The Dirty “P” word: A.K.A. How we schooled our kid.

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Okay, so this actually occurred 3 weeks ago, since I spent the last week in writers conferences between Nashville and Las Vegas…  😉 Sigh. Does life ever really slow down when you’re raising kids? Let alone 5 of them? Yeah, I’m starting to think not.  It seems like less and less domestic perfection, and more… well… managed chaos?  Yeah, we’ll … Read More

That Crazy Gluten-Free Mom.

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Okay, I’m back.  Kind of. Our little pumpkin is sick with the cold that took me down last week, which means… well…  there’s not a lot of writing time.  Add that to four boys all in hockey, and well… I’m a wee bit of a stressed-out hot mess, and I’m loving every single second of it. It’s pretty funny, when … Read More

Tonight I am victorious.

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Tonight we’re taking a break from our Adventures with the Littles chronicles and skipping to present day, where all the boys are home from camp… Victory. That’s right.  Tonight, I am victorious. What have I done that makes me feel like this? Well…  I’m breathing, so I guess that’s something.  Considering I actually broke down in tears on my husband … Read More

Big changes and little men.

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Ah, day 4 of the 19 day blogging spree!!!  If you get a sec, go vote for Military Mom Blog of the year!  No, seriously, go do it, because this is a collection of women who hold it down on the homefront, and a click is an easy thing to do!  😉  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Today, my oldest “graduated” elementary school. Don’t … Read More

On the days that cut.

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Here we go, day #3 of the 19 day blogging streak.  Oh yeah, if you get a second, go vote!!!  Why? Because I would love for “The Only Girl Among Boys” to rock this contest, especially since I’m pretty hard-headed on the no-advertising rule I have for the blog, so it’s actually kind of relatively unknown.  It still blows my … Read More

Little Bears and a Big Voice

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Okay, I promised if you guys remembered to vote for the Top Military Mom contest every day (once a day), that I’d blog for 19 days straight…  PHEW!!!  Day 2 is a little late because I was chatting with Jason, and hey, from Afghanistan?  He wins.  😉  Oh, go VOTE!!!  >>>>>>>> Here we go. The sound of Jason’s voice does … Read More

I. Will. Not. Hermit. Through. Deployment.

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Okay, peeps.  This little blog got nominated again this year for Military Mom Blog of the Year!  How cool is that?  You can vote once a day, every day for the next 19 days!  Just, you know, click on the “vote for me” button there on the right…  >>>>>>>>>>> 19 days is a super long time to vote, so I’ll … Read More

Speak no Evil, unless it’s not.

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Okay.  I’m writing this with delicate fingers, hoping not to type over anyone’s toes.  Well, I’m probably going to anyway, but remember, in my heart, I’m never out to offend ANYONE…  so here we go.  Man, I’m all nervous now. Ok. Aidan has been a handful since Jason left.  To be honest, it’s more like an armful, mouthful, handful and … Read More