Thank you, Mr. Bigot.

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This may be a wee bit long, but it’s sooo worth the read. It took me a while to write this because I didn’t want my immediate anger to come flying off the page…. ah, screen.

So we are PCS’ing or moving for all you non-military type folks. Our new duty station is none other than exotic Fort Drum. Sorry, if you can hear the dripping sarcasm. Fort Drum is pretty much the last place that either Jason or I wanted to be, but it does come with perks, such as being close to our Emily and Jason’s family for a few years until our fervent prayers are answered to get us out of upstate New York. (3 years, U.S. Army, do you hear me?)

Why so glum about Fort Drum? (look, I rhyme…). Well, the schools… SUCK. Really. They are in the bottom third of the schools in New York. Come on, you’re telling me there’s only a few districts in the area which rate a 7/10 (the rest are in the 4-5 range…)? Perhaps I’m spoiled, but I graduated from the number one school in all of Colorado and I wanted the same for my kids. (Go Indians.) I’m just really not thrilled about subjecting my kids to a sub par education, but that’s what they have tutors for, right? We’ll just roll with it.

So being the mom and dad that we are, Jason and I started looking at our private school options. As is true with a lot of cities, most of the private schools are Catholic. Well, I’m LDS (Latter-Day-Saint, or Mormon), so the Catholic option was out. It’s hard enough to try and raise your kids with one system of religion without confusing them between home and school. Not that I have anything against Catholics, you guys go with your bad-selves, your schools ROCK, and I respect any Faith!

That being said, Jason found a lovely Christian school in Watertown and I was thrilled. They said they were bible-based, and accepted all branches of Christianity. WOHOO! A place to send the boys for a great education with traditional values! I immediately called the school to start the application process and answered their questions about my denomination of Christianity. Once they heard I was Mormon, the door pretty much slammed in my face. I was referred to the principal because of “differences between what we taught.”

Ok, I put my big-girl panties on and dealt with the Principal. At first, he told me that while I didn’t have problems with my children attending that school, he certainly had a problem with LSD. (insert giggle here). I answered that I too, have a problem with LSD in a private school, to which he corrected himself to LDS. So much for my attempt at humor. He told me that if I wanted to attend a Bible-based church, he would then accept the kids. I told him that he must be misinformed about the Mormon religion because we are Extremely Bible-Based and as Christian as you can get. He told me that he was sorry that I was so misinformed and led astray. (Dude, my great-great-great-grandmother came across in a handcart company in 1849. Being Mormon is in my blood, and I am VERY well educated in my religion. Let’s not assume that I’m ignorant, you’ll just make me angry). I told him that I was so very sorry that he had been so misinformed about my religion, and assured him that the Bible is a foundation of our church. He then got a lovely evil tone to his voice and said, “and I am going to offer you once more, if you’ll leave your faith, and come to a descent, God-fearing, Bible-based church, we will be happy to accept your children.” I swallowed the first reply that came to mind (let’s just say it involved raised extremities) and told him that again, I was so sorry that he was so ill-educated on the LDS church and I was sorry to have wasted his time. Then I promptly hung up and burst into tears.

Jason suggested calling a lawyer because let’s face it, he’s not too keen on the crying wife or someone belittling his Mormon-raised kids. But, as I’m sure you’re telling yourself, this is a private school, so they could reject my kids based off eye-color if they wanted. What made me angry was that they professed to take all branches of Christianity… well there you go, you commandment breakers… go ahead and LIE. So why didn’t I rip the guy’s head off? I’m certainly well-versed enough for any theological debate. But I didn’t want this BIGOT’s only contact with the Church to be little me causing a ruckus. Apparently he hasn’t actually dealt with many LDS members so I kind Hopefully he at least realizes that I had the grace and tact not to tell him what I thought of his “offer.” If not, well, it’s his loss.

Basically, if you don’t know what you’re talking about, how about you hush? Go educate yourself with unbiased people and come back and tell me that we’re not Christian or bible-based. Then I’ll tell you to take your school and shove it… well… yeah. Why the heck would I want my children attending a school where I pay 10 K a year to have them treated like pariah’s because of their branch of Christianity? And as for your precious little school? It’s nowhere near good enough for the Yarros boys. Your loss, buddy because Aaron would have raised ALL your test stats all by his little self.

Here’s where you can catch them in case you’re headed toward the Watertown area. Oh and we decided on the house in Carthage; we’ll just live in the better school district, thank you very much.!/pages/Watertown-NY/Faith-Fellowship-Church-of-Watertown-NY/82299224110?ref=search&sid=1188529503.3954321434..1

2 Comments on “Thank you, Mr. Bigot.”

  1. Amy Law

    Christians are supposed to love and care for everyone. It's too bad this guy missed the memo! I wish I was there to give you a hug and then possibly prank call the principal!! 🙂

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