The most incredible news EVER!!!!

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I’m so flippin’ excited that I finally get to tell you this!!!

In our life, we’re blessed by amazing things at the moment, but this one is the icing on our cake.  Every year, when I do my “Top 100” list of things I’d like to accomplish with my little bitty life, the top five has stayed pretty consistent for the last few years.  Number one has always been, “Love Jason for the rest of my life.”  Easy peasy.  Number four happened this year in February when Jamie Bodnar Drowley of Inklings Literary signed me as a client, and BOOM, I had an agent.

Then, in October, we got the phone call for Little Miss Pumpkin, and suddenly my number two goal of adopting a baby girl was dangling in front of me.  With her in our house, the last six weeks (yes, it’s been that long) have been nothing short of miraculous.  I can’t tell you the number of times I spontaneously burst into ridiculous tears of happiness when I sing her to sleep.

So how did THIS happen at the same time?  How?  How can we be so very blessed all at once?Okay, take a deep breath and check this out!!!!
Yes, you saw that right, my favorite peeps, FULL MEASURES, my NA Romance, will be published by Entangled Publishing!!!!  AAAAAAAH!!!!!  

Not only that, but they’re fast-track releasing it, which means not only are we announcing today, but I’m already neck-deep in edits, which means you’ll get to read it soon!!!  I can’t wait to hear what you think.

Honestly, I thought when this happened, if Jason missed being here, it would destroy me.  So I went a little preemptive and made him as much a part of this as I could. 
Back in August, when Full Measures went on Sub, I was talking to a friend of mine from Rucker, tossing around ideas for her to make me something fabulous to send Jason.  After all, I’ve been sporting stuff like, “proud aviation wife,” and all that for the last like…  11 years.  GoneGirly took my idea, and surprised me by whipping it up without even telling me (or charging me), and shipped it straight to me.  I’m incredibly blessed by the friends I’ve made through the years. 
Here’s what I sent him:
Come on, you know it’s kinda funny.  So I sent the glass, totally ignored the postal code and sent a bottle of sparkling cider.  then I wrapped them up all pretty with a giant sign that said, “Open when Rebecca says to.”  Then I told him to stick it somewhere and forget about it.  
About a week after it arrived in Afghanistan, I told him he could open it!  Talk about timing!  I didn’t tell him what the box was for, so watch it play out on Skype via my totally awesome in-focus (not) cell phone pics.  😉
Yeah, he’s got no clue what this box is for.

   Laughing that it says, “No, seriously, if Rebecca isn’t on Skype… STOP.”

Um…. Okay, so which one do I open first?

 Opening the “one that feels lighter.”

He thinks the glass is open, but still doesn’t quite understand…

That’s his “HOLY S*** you have an offer???” face!

Trust me folks, this is as happy as Jason ever looks, lol!

Showing off his stemware before I pop my bottle of champagne and we toast together!
We’re as close as a deployment will let us be, and it’s pretty much a perfect moment.  
After this moment, I said, “now all we need is our baby,” and we laughed.  You see, everything happens at once for us.  It’s always been like that, so when I called my sister about 2 1/2 weeks after the offer and said, “well, we’re working on a book deal, so what do you think just happened?” She immediately knew we’d gotten a call for a baby!  LOL!
I’ve never been more stressed out, or more blissed out, and the combination is just…  just…  

 You know the saying, “my cup runneth over?”  Yeah, the blessings in this house are less like a cup running over and more like:

Okay, and you know what happens when you .gif-hunt “waterfall?”  You get 90’s flashbacks:

But I digress.  There is so much that I’m grateful for right now!  
Once the final contract came in, and was ready for signature, I waited until Jason was up on Skype and signed, and then… we celebrated (sparkling cider on the little guys, of course…)
He totally broke out the glass again!

Skype amazes me.  So thankful to have him!

Boys celebrating before bedtime!!!  
This is everything I’ve ever wanted, my dream job!  I feel incredibly blessed to have signed with Entangled!  I’ve never seen a more author-friendly house, and my editors are amazing!  
Huge thanks to my agent, Jamie Bodnar Drowley for always having my back. Jamie, you have no idea how amazing it feels to have you in my corner!  Working with you makes awesome stuff like this possible.
But the biggest thanks goes to Jason and the kiddos.  Guys (and gal), the countless hours of mama playing on the computer with her imaginary friends is about to pay off with a BOOK!  Which I guess, leads more time playing.  😉  

I guess there’s just one more thing to say:

   I kinda, sorta, really heart you all!  

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  1. Kristy Shen

    Our book deals were announced just days apart. How awesome is that? I'm so thrilled that we have Jamie in our corners. She is THE best. Congrats, agent sis! I can't WAIT to read FULL MEASURES 🙂

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