Traveling with Children

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We’re in the middle of the Freedom Trail Walking Tour through Boston. It’s hot, muggy and beautifully historical. The history freak in me is revelling in the buildings and the graveyards. The kids, however, have other plans. Aaron is whining that his legs are killing him. Aidan is sitting on the ground, playing in the dirt. Brody has promptly given me a reason to change his pants and Chase is screaming at the top of his lungs that he “Doesn’t like it! No Thank You!” It’s that moment during the family vacation where Jason and I lock eyes above the stroller, and wonder just what the heck we were thinking to bring the kids out on this vacation. So, we leave the tour and decide to hoof it on our own, mostly for the comfort of the other people on the tour. A few churches later, and we’re all touristed out for the day.

We’ve traveled with our children all over the world. We have a standing joke about our Graco travels, and we have pics of our kids in their double stroller from all over Europe. For the most part, they are great little travelers. But every kid has his breaking point.

Traveling with kids is not easy. No, not impossible, but it takes a great deal of planning and consideration for little feet. It means leaving the attraction, whatever it may be, once your kids say that they’re done. Let’s face it, no one wants to be glared at like you brought your newborn to the ten o’clock showing for a brand-new movie. Let’s be reasonable. Respect the needs of your kiddos, and they’ll give you a much better time. So, here’s what we learned from our Boston trip:

1. Just because there’s no white line on the road doesn’t mean it’s NOT two lanes. Apparently those lines are written in invisible ink that only Bostonians can see.
2. Mike’s Pastries. Enough said.
3. Chase has zero interest in anything historical, but he can be bribed with a cannolli and a trip to the children’s museum.
4. I am not a fan of duck tours.
5. Brody is not a fan of the bath tub, and a 4:45 a.m. trip to it certainly starts the day off on the wrong foot.
6. The accent is true, and after the fireworks Jason had to interpret the police officer who was not actually asking me if I thought the fireworks were “two shot” but instead were they “too short?” Jason speaks excellent “east coast.”
7. Boston Common is fabulous on the 4th of July
8. The constitution fires her guns Very Loudly with no warning.
9. We could have fit Plymouth rock into our van, but the plantation was marvelous.
10. Jason needs to be fed before attempting any tourist-like activities. He should also start the day with a caffeine i.v.
11. Harvard looks like an acceptable school for the Yarros kids. 🙂
12. Family vacations are about the family, no matter how much or how little you get to see.

Boston is a wonderful city, and I’ll put up some pics and tell you about our adventures later!

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