Wait, say WHAAAAT?!

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Okay, so this is kind of how I’ve been feeling the last few days!!!!  
Now that FULL MEASURES has been out a wee bit, I keep hearing the same thing: “what can we expect next?” I have to tell you, every time I get this question, I squeal a little bit, because that means you want to read more!!!
Yes, I love you. All of you. 
So now I can tell you. Yes, I’ve been writing amid this crazy parenting / military PCS orders / foster parenting life that we lead. Yes, it includes someone I hope you love. 
Remember him from FULL MEASURES? Josh’s best friend? 
door opened, and a lean, extremely hot blond guy answered. “Hello there,” he
drawled as his eyes drifted over me appreciatively.
            “Hi, I’m Ember, your neighbor?”
            A very sexy smile lit up his face. “Hello,
Ember, my neighbor.”
            “Yeah.” I peeked around him. “Does
Josh happen to be here?”
            His face fell. “Ah, shit. Did he already
call dibs? You don’t really look like the Josh type.”
            I arched my eyebrow at him, and he
stuttered, “You’re hot as hell, he just usually goes for the . . .”
            “Barbies?” I was well aware of what
“type” Josh went for.
            “Exactly.” He opened the door,
making room for me to slide past him into a hallway that mirrored our own
layout. “Walker! You got company!” He turned back to me. “Just in case he isn’t
what you’re looking for . . .” He flashed a killer smile. “My name’s Jagger.”
            I tried to ignore that he was
hitting on me. He was really good at it. “It’s nice to meet you, Jagger.”
            “Oh, it’s my pleasure.” He held his
tongue between his teeth, flashing a tongue ring.
Yes, THAT Jagger – the reckless, temper-driven bad-boy who’s about to fall for the one girl he shouldn’t.
When he popped onto the pages of FULL MEASURES, I just kind of loved him, and before I could even tell my amazing editor that I wanted to write a story for him, she hinted at wanting it in a sideline note on the FULL MEASURES edits.
 And in that moment, I kinda fell a teensy weensy bit more in love with my editor, because I swear she walks around my brain, just looking around. That, or she was peering in through my office window at night, because the Jagger plot board was already up and full of little index cards. Either way, Karen –
So I started writing it.
And then THIS Happened.
What? You can’t squint hard enough to read that?
Let me help! It says:
 Rebecca Yarros’s EYES TURNED SKYWARD, about an army pilot in training who is determined to outfly his past and graduate top of his class, but jeopardizes everything when he falls for the commanding general’s daughter who’s struggling with the same heart condition that killed her sister, to Karen Grove at Entangled Embrace, in a nice deal, in a three-book deal, by Jamie Bodnar Drowley at Inklings Literary Agency. 
Yes, you read that right!  EYES TURNED SKYWARD is going to be published by Entangled!!! Not only that, but it’s a three-book deal!!! There’s two more books in the series to follow!!!
I can’t adequately explain how I felt signing a three-book deal. Seriously. I just can’t. 

This is my wildest dream come true – everything I only fantasized about having, and it’s right here!!!! Plus, I get to work from home in my yoga pants and a baseball cap, so um… WIN!
Signing? That looks like This:

And three hours, a shower and some make-up later? It’s a celebration date night!!!!
And the entire time, I feel like THIS:

But seriously. I love Jagger, and I can’t wait for you to meet Paisley!

And what could possibly be better than Jagger finally meeting the one girl who knocks him off his feet? 
Well, you saw that it’s a three-book deal, right? That means you’ll get to meet: 

Yeah, I’m kind of smitten. 😉 
And maybe the little snippet some of you might be most excited about…. 
I keep hearing, “When will we get more of…..” Oh, you know who I’m talking about.
Yes, he’ll be around a lot in EYES TURNED SKYWARD, he’s Jagger’s best friend, after all, but that third book? Well….
He’ll be back to finish what he started. 

Are you just a little excited? Because I can’t wait to tell you where he and Ember end up.

I can definitely say that this wouldn’t have happened without these amazing women standing on either side of me. On the left is my editor, Karen Grove, and my right? That’s my phenomenal agent, Jamie Bodnar Drowley. 
So there are some thank you’s needed.
My editors? Karen Grove and Nicole Steinhaus??
I freaking love you. Even when you’re editing my nookie scenes and I want to disappear in a puddle of “holy cow, I just took Josh’s boxers off twice…” yup. Love you.
My kids – for putting up with, “Five more minutes until Mommy finishes this scene…”
For my husband – I’m so glad you like Jagger, because he’s you in so many ways. Thank you for making this crazy dream of mine a priority. Oh, and for kissing me like you do, because every single time, I’m back to being a 19 year-old girl, climbing up you like a monkey. Yup.
I’m not sure how you improve on sheer perfection, but you somehow do it, because I love you more today than ever.  😉 
For Lizzy Charles and Molly Lee, who have seriously pushed EYES TURNED SKYWARD toward the finish line, reading it a chapter at a time and soothing my neurotic little fears,
You guys are the shining lights in my sky, and you give me warm fuzzies. Yup.
HUGE thanks to My agent. Jamie, you are the Ari to my Vince. There’s just no words for what you do for me, but without you, well… I’d still be in yoga pants, just without my dream job. You seriously make my life possible in so many ways.

And definitely Entangled Publishing – because working with this insanely talented, inspired group of professionals is the most epic team since, well…
But the biggest thank you for the amazingness that’s about to ensue???  
You guys. The fans. (Holy cow, when did I get cool enough to have FANS?!?)
For every email you’ve sent me, every facebook message, every Goodreads note. You guys took an unknown, debut author and rocketed me into the number one spot for Series Romance on Amazon. You guys, and your passion for that little book I wrote, are the ones responsible for me being able to keep doing what I love. I would kiss you all, but you might find it creepy if I knew where you all lived. But seriously…
So here’s to Josh.
And Grayson.
And Jagger.
EYES TURNED SKYWARD is officially happening!!!!  
I guess I should get back to writing, eh?

14 Comments on “Wait, say WHAAAAT?!”

  1. Karen Grove

    This is by far the most fun post I've ever read. Thank you, Rebecca, for bringing this amazing group of hotter than hot guys to my inbox. 🙂 You go, girl!

  2. MaryJoan Fryer

    I am thrilled for you and thrilled for me because we get more of your stellar men! Congratulations…very well deserved 🙂

  3. Monica Cove

    I just love your blogs, this is the best one yet! Bring on the boys, I can hardly wait" 3 book contract….. CONGRATULATiONS!

  4. Stacey Trombley

    Ah ha! I remember you talking about working on a sequel in Vegas but hadn't read Full Measures at the time, so since I've been wondering "hmmm what was she up to?" Now I know! Congrats! I'm excited to read it.

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