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Hiya peeps! Miss me?

I miss the blog. I really do. I promise, as soon as our Little Miss’ legal future starts to clear up, I’ll be back at it. Until then, well… we’re keeping pretty quiet on the blog front.

She’s worth it.


So, now that Eyes Turned Skyward is out, you guys have flipping blown me away with the incredible response. Seriously. I’m incredibly thankful for everyone who buys my books!!!! (Especially since you help my boys play hockey, and our oldest daughter to attend college next year).

Okay, so now that I’m all misty… my fantastic editor and I decided we’d better name this here series, since there’s two more books coming.

Sigh. Aren’t they pretty side-by-side???

What’s in a name? I can tell you a lot, and I’m not easy. My titles are always interwoven into the book, and I never know them until I’m about 1/2 way through a manuscript, so trying to make the titles all matchy-matchy was never going to work for me. Man, it would have made it easier to name the series.

So we started throwing around names. And by “we,” I mean my editor, my team of publicists, my trusted CP’s and my poor husband who probably never wants to discuss the topic again. We came up with everything super-serious to downright hilarious.

I wanted something really meaningful.

We’ve been stationed here at Fort Drum for nearly five years, and the 10th Combat Aviation Brigade has been Jason’s home for our stay. He’s completed two of his four deployments with them, and I really wanted to honor that and our time here, where I’ve written these books, before we move home to Colorado. After all, when a series involves hot helicopter pilots, how could I not?

So I thought of the motto of the 10th Cab.

Fly to Glory. 
So here’s to Fort Drum, Army Aviation, and the 10th Cab.
Oh, and the series, that too! 😉 

Thank you to everyone who has supported the series and our family. You guys rock my socks and I’m insanely thankful for each and every one of you! 

Oh, and one last reminder that Apaches are pretty damn sexy.

I guess I’d better get back to Grayson… so the next Flight & Glory Novel can get into your hands.  😉

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