Who are you calling a Dirty Girl?

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Man, I’m so behind keeping this up-to-date on fun stuff. I swear.  As of today, we’ve had Princess Pumpkin two weeks and a day.

What’s funny about life, is that you can have this plan, and this routine, and everything under control, and then it all just… changes.  So if you tell your life your plan, basically:

And while I’m barreling my way through this deployment, suddenly I’m like:

But it’s like a really HAPPY kind of rake hitting me in the face.  So maybe I’m a little stressed out, but I’m still like:

But if we’re keeping it real, which I always try to do, well… adjusting to a new baby in the house while maintaining the schedule of the other 4 boys is kind of like:

And I know when I talk to my Best Friend, the one so cool she doesn’t even need a nickname, I know she’s kind of listening to the insanity of my house like:

But really, I’m adjusting, and starting to get back my groove.  Yes, I’ll blog on this separately, don’t you worry, but really, I’m blissed out.  Stressed a wee bit, and struggling to find a new routine with our little Pumpkin, but most days, when I have a second to take a breath, I’m like:

And yes, I know fostering is temporary, and that there’s the inevitability our little Pumpkin leaving, but for right now:

So yeah, enough about the awesome baby!  Point here is, I’m BACK to finding my blogging routine.  😉

So, everyone remembers THIS, right?  Where Running Woman flew in from Colorado to run the Color Vibe 5K?  The one where I started like:

And basically ended all:


So the next weekend, I’m a massive bunch of nerves, because a good friend of mine, who we’ll introduce here as Dirty Girl (since that’s where we’re headed, I promise she showers), head to Buffalo for the Dirty Girl Mud Run.

A quick history on Dirty Girl?  Well, her husband and Jason have been besties since flight school.  We have their class picture on that sexy little Apache, and those two are standing side by side, trying to look all bad ass.  Five years later, they’re in the same company, in Afghanistan, standing side by side in in their badassery.  Seriously.  The army can kick ass some days when it brings friends back together.  So Dirty Girl and I have been friends 5 years, since Rucker, and while she lives about an hour away, and isn’t always a main fixture in my life, she’s someone I can always trust, which means a lot.

Back to the run:

A night without the kids? In adult company?  Um…

Right, so I leave the boys with a sitter (remember, Pumpkin isn’t here yet), and we head to Buffalo.  3 1/2 hours later of girl chat, we check into our very… um…  unique hotel, thanks to hotwire, grab some dinner, and the exhaustion of the week catches up with me.  You want to know our idea of a fun night?  Well, ladies and gentlemen, we’re not at the bar, no, we’re in our hotel room, checking out websites that offer organic, local produce in the North Country.  I can’t make this stuff up.  Yeah, so we’re eye’ing the grassfed beef until we’re like:

Right.  Out like lights. We’re up bright and early in the morning, and we sneak over to the grounds before our run time, hoping to get in an earlier time slot.  Of course, we had to have some cute shirts made!!!!

Oh yeah, we’re ready to go.  A little photo op in front of the sign:
A little shout-out to my fabulously sexy hubby:
And we’re ready to go.  Now, do you see Dirty Girl? Yeah, she’s like ridiculously in shape, so as we’re getting ready to start this race, I’m kinda like:
Because I really don’t want to hold her back, and my last 5K didn’t go so well.  Well, the race starts, and all I can say is…  Amazing.  
It’s 5K of obstacles and mud, and awesomeness.  Dirty Girl stays with me the whole time, and we’re climbing over insanely muddy crazy things, and laughing the whole time.  
I’ve never had so much fun running in my life.  We’re crawling through mud, lowering ourselves into giant vats of mud, scaling rope walls, and climbing towers with no safety nets.  And the best part?  All these women are together, racing, but not against each other, just… together.
At one point, we’re climbing this giant rope monstrosity that’s easily like 30,000 feet off the ground, and I’m refusing to concentrate on the fact that I can really get hurt here, and the girl ahead of me is stuck.  She can’t get her foot over the top.  So I tell her she’s a rock star, guide her ankle up and she’s over.  
That’s what this was about.  A bunch of girls not concerned with our time, or what position we finished in.  We were all laughing, running, climbing, challenging only our biggest critics: ourselves.  We crossed the finish line, muddy, dirty, and exhilarated. 
And I ran the whole thing.  
I didn’t stop, didn’t walk, didn’t give up.  
And I could have kept going.  
So here’s to the Dirty Girls, the cancer survivors next to us, the teachers ahead of us, the girls trying to impress their husbands by sprinting next to us.  Here’s to the women helping each other over the walls, and the ones cheering on from the ground.  I felt so lucky to be surrounded by the amazing positive energy there, and can’t wait to go back again.
And next year?  Dirty Girl and I are taking our husbands.  They can watch from the sidelines this time as we wives show off our bad-assery.

 Thanks for running with me, Dirty Girl.  😉

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