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Ah, it’s that time of year again… the birthday.

No, it’s not yet, but it’s soon.  Soon like this weekend. Did I mention that we have 3 birthdays in 8 days in this house?  3.  But I digress…

  One of my very closest friends told me a few years ago that she tries to pick a word for her birthday, a word that she tries to apply to her life.  I kinda fell in love with that concept.

Last year, with deployment days away, I chose “grace,” and there were so many times I fell back on that, trying to be the kind of woman my husband and sons would be proud of.  I like to think it served me well.

This year, however, has been an utter mad house.  Jason took on more responsibility at work, I’m still promoting Full Measures and writing a new book, keeping up with other writing commitments, our boys are still running us ragged with hockey, and everything with our Little Miss is still up in the air.

Honestly, there are moments when I’m pretty sure that drinking from the waterfall is catching up with me. There have been more than a few nights where I’ve been so dumbstruck by all I have to get done that I end up concentrating on the overwhelming list, instead of just doing it, and it ends up looking like:

Did I mention we know we’re PCS’ing?  We just don’t know WHEN, and we’re only a wee bit certain about WHERE.  And the first thing any military wife thinks about when we’re told PCS?  Holy shit, we’ve gained a ton of weight. And no, I don’t mean the people, I mean our house-hold goods.  I look around this house at the furniture we’ve accumulated, and the random… um… stuff…. and it’s like we’re:

Right.  We’re going to need to purge, because the army limits on what they’ll pay to move.

So you add that maybe selling the house, and the stress of not knowing  about… anything, and well….

And I turn around, and see that I haven’t posted on my blog in like 8 days, and I’m kind of horrified at myself on one hand, and really confused how it’s been 8 days in the other.
But to my complete defense, Jason was on TDY for 10 days, and the entire house came down with the stomach flu.  Ah yes, the joy of caring for a baby while you’re puking.  I’d almost forgotten. But she was a champ.  So yeah, it’s been 8 days, and all I can say to that is:


Right.  So where were we?  
Ah yes, the birthday.  I was snuggled up next to Jason, all of this madness streaking through my brain, and all that could drown out those thoughts was how grateful I am to have him.  How his simple presence by my side is enough to calm me, to make me feel like I can handle anything.  
From there it spiraled.  
I have so much to be incredibly grateful for, and if I concentrate on that, the rest falls in line.  

So this year, I’m choosing “Gratitude” as my word. I’m going to cling to the thankfulness that comes for the solution to every struggle, and the process thereof.  I’m going to embrace the uncertainties of this year with a full heart and trust that everything is going according to plan.

In my experience, when I take the time to concentrate on the amazing blessings we’re heaped with, I’m happier and more productive.  I also think our blessings multiply. Responding to stress with gratitude is basically like giving the universe a giant high 5, and thanking God for all that He’s bestowed on us.  (Hey, we’re believers, but if you’re not, we’re cool with that too.)

If I look at my stress?  There’s so much to be THANKFUL for in it.

1. Jason’s job just got way more time consuming – turns into – wow, he’s so good at his job that they wanted him for THAT position.  Go, Babe.

2. We don’t know what will happen with our Little Miss – turns into – Thank you, for allowing us to have each and every day with her where every minute is so precious.

3. PCS hell – turns into – a new adventure and the possibility of going HOME.  To my family, my friends, my home town.  Sure, I’ll sell a house for that.

4. Writing stress?  Well, HELLO, I was begging for this career a year ago.  Heck, a few months ago, and now Full Measures has been out for 2 months and is STILL rocking it on Amazon. (Which I still check multiple times a day just because I still can’t believe people are buying my book.  It’s kind of surreal).

5. Kids are driving me nuts?  That’s too easy.  They give far more love than they could ever cause insanity.  Most days.  The other days???  I drink wine.

I’m also immeasurably grateful for the wine. 

Gratitude out the wazoo.

So that’s it, my 32nd year is coming to a close, and I’m staring down the barrel at year 33, which I have the distinct, heart-soaring feeling, will be the best yet. After all, in this little home dwells everything I’ve ever prayed for, longed for, dreamed of….

And it doesn’t get any better than that. 
So very thankful, blessed, grateful.
Oh, but don’t worry… the kids are on Spring Break next week, so you know it’s about to get insane around here.  And I’m sure I’ll tell you all about it.  😉

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